X10 Missing texture files


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If you can still find them, copy them to your X10 data folder (in the textures file) so you know where they are. You might also check in the X9 data folder for them. Where did you previously keep them? Only you know where.

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Hi Perry

The funny thing is, everything was installed in the default locations and was fine prior to some kind of "clean up" (I think) happened.  I'm only missing the new stuff from X10.  The old textures as well as bonus stuff is all there.

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Tech support should be able to provide a replacement file or maybe even a library update would rebuild it.  However I see one custom one there so I might be good to look for them on a backup.

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In the interim, you could do a back of an entire plan file from an older project. Save it to a folder from which you could pick and choose textures from.


By way of example, any texture that I take off of Google gets copied and pasted into this file, where I'm able to pick and choose textures which are often "out of the box".

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I tried a clean install and it's still not finding the files.  Interesting that it's not finding Chiefs own "CoreCatalogsFiles.zip" and the location is in the default setting.  


I'll check with tech support as soon as I get a chance.  

Thanks for the help!


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