Raise porch without loosing roof planes

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Finally able to devote some time to Chief Architect's software after using Autosketch (AutoCad) for many years! Attached is a plan file & four PDFs.  


This file [1666 porch same elev] shows the roof plane look I am after [1666 preferred roof planes]. If I keep the walls the same height, creating it is straightforward. What I want to do is raise the porch walls an additional foot to create this elevation look [1666 raised porch]. When I do, I end up with this roof [1666 unwanted roof planes]. I've tried various ways of using roof baseline polylines, adjusting walls and manual planes but not been successful figuring it out. It seems like I'm missing something basic?


Software is 2018 HD Pro. Computer is Apple Mac Pro, latest OS. 





1666 porch same elev.pdf

1666 preferred roof planes.pdf

1666 raised porch (wanted).pdf

1666 unwanted roof planes.pdf

1666 raised porch, unwanted roof planes.plan

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Aside from posting here instead of Home Talk, you need to do what you want to do manually. The auto roof tool is preprogrammed to do what it does and as you have seen, does not fit all scenarios. Tough it out, and learn how to manually edit roofs to get what you want.



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To auto build the roof, you need to do this:




Delete the baseline polylines.

Turn on auto roofs.

Create a small room behind the front doors with the same ceiling height as the front porch.

These can be invisible walls. The rear wall needs to be at least as far back as where the left hand hip is located.

Make the wall that contains the front doors a no room def wall.


If you prefer, once the roof is built, you can turn off auto roofs and revert the walls etc back to normal - as long as you don't want to auto roof again, or you will lose your roof. 


If you can live with the invisible walls (which you can turn off the display) and the small extra room, I would leave auto roof on so that if you make any other changes to the plan, the roof will auto rebuild correctly.


Or...another way would be to turn on Make Roof Baselines Polylines once you have the invisible walls and no room def wall in place.

You could then return walls and rooms back to normal.

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Thanks glennw for the courtesy and professionalism to address my question and share your insight. It was just what was needed and worked out well. 

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