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Hello, I am a longtime chief user, but still somewhere between a novice and average user.  Should have taken some training, but I've always been so busy, I bumble through.  However, I'm stuck on something that I'm sure has a simple answer, but I can't seem to find it in any tutorial or here on the forum.  In the past, I would change all this once it was sent to the layout with using edit/cad tools, but this has to have a simple solution.

I would like to have a full plumb cut on my 2" x 10" barge board and use a net 1" x 8" facia board - the roof is primarily a 12:12 pitch.  Each time I try to get it to build correctly, the bottom of the barge is cut horizontal at the bottom of the facia.  There has to be some way to override this, but I can't seem to figure it out. Any help?  I appreciate anyone taking the time to answer!!!


Jim Lawes was my rock star when I had questions, miss him and his humor a lot! 


**Note this is not my house or design in the photo, just the detail I am trying to create.


Thanks much!



Barge Facia Detail.jpg

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I think this was discussed not too long ago but can't find the thread.  You should be able to use the sub fascia or a copy of it that is edited but then the shadow board has the same issue so that may also have to be another copy of the sub fascia and then your decorative peak detail will likely have to be a psolid.


Barge Rafter.jpg

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