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Hi All, 

Just upgraded to V19 (I think).  Just wondering why i am not seeing materials in camera view?  I see them in raytrace though.  I included a rendering I did in V14 so this way folks can see that my question is not being asked for lack of knowledge but more of a lack of using V19. I literally downloaded it 30 minutes ago.  I even opened an old file and got the no material syndrome.  

I cant believe its my video card because my raytrace works.  Hope someone can help.






image.thumb.png.7fc85b1858f02a631887def02f2e142a.pngimage.thumb.png.e005dd72480c08525d03d549cb3a283d.png  5b02196aca4df_170BedfordRdFrontApartment-Final.thumb.jpg.ba673a3b471959625965710fa2144757.jpg


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What version of Chief Architect Premier did you upgrade from?  As Eric pointed out, the most likely cause of no textures is the setting to turn off showing textures in a camera view. Chopsaw reproduced your results using non-optimum settings (BTW whether you get good or bad results is all based upon knowing the right and wrong settings to use in terms of Default Settings and Material and lighting settings which take quite a while to learn and master).

There are "Display Options" dialogs for plan view, each differing camera view types and another one for the "Reference Display", each of those dialog boxes looks exactly like any other "Display Options" dialog. Since they look alike, new users often do not realize they are all different and control only what can be seen or not seen in plan views, each differing camera view and your reference display (can be quite confusing if not understood).


Respond to our posts, give us more, specific data about your PC and settings and then help can only then be delivered.



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It looks like your textures are turned on, I can see the roofing material in your posted image above.


My guess is that it is related to your ambient light and/or your default sun settings (as mentioned by Chopsaw above).  If you want more accurate help, you will probably need to post your plan so that someone can look into it more.  Or, you could always contact tech support during normal business hours for more help.



I cant believe its my video card because my raytrace works.


Raytrace views are not dependent on your video card (all of the processing is done on the CPU) but All other camera views are very dependent on your video card and the current driver.  It is entirely possible that your problems are related to your video card (X9 has much higher video card demands than X4 did), but my best guess is that it is related to other settings instead.

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