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  1. Has anyone needed to include 3D bushes like Boxwood, Arborvitae, Hosta, etc? CA has a beautiful selection of 3D plants I downloaded, however not much in the way of shrubbery. I have tried 3rd party but then I run into size or compatibility issues. I want the same selection that CA has in the 2D image asset under Bushes and Shrubs. Anybody have any work-a-rounds?
  2. I am just taking a poll to see how many chief users have opted to go with a curved 34" monitor as opposed to perhaps a larger normal ratio 31." I personally think that having multiple windows of Chief open would seem to make more sense with the wide screen option. I want to hear people that have one and if it was the right choice. Thanks Anthony
  3. I think I have a similar issue. The raytrace looks a whole lot clearer on the screen than the export to JPG, BMP, etc. I do not know if its going to show the difference with a screen shot but I figure its worth a try.
  4. People seem to ask if my textures are toggled on. I believe I never had to toggle on in V14. Can someone show me where in 19 this toggle exists? Thanks,
  5. Hi All, Just upgraded to V19 (I think). Just wondering why i am not seeing materials in camera view? I see them in raytrace though. I included a rendering I did in V14 so this way folks can see that my question is not being asked for lack of knowledge but more of a lack of using V19. I literally downloaded it 30 minutes ago. I even opened an old file and got the no material syndrome. I cant believe its my video card because my raytrace works. Hope someone can help. Thanks, Anthony
  6. Its been a while since I have been on. I am still using 14 but will definitely upgrade this year. Can someone tell me if there are still height limitations on floor generation. If so, would you know what it is for the latest version? And I am also curious why there isn't a contest to see what people can do with rendering landmarks? Either concentrate on one (The White House), or a category (any museum). I think that would be challenging. Far too often a contest is on a style or method that cant really be challenged. Just a thought. Would be nice to see people knock each others socks off. I know time is money but make the prize worth it ( A years subscription to maintenance). Anthony