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Hi. I have a dwg file that I have been trying unsuccessfully to use in chief. I suspect it may be too big because when I import it, my screen becomes unworkable as my screen freezes. The only part of the dwg I actually want is the lot in the middle, but I don't know how to crop it. Would this make it easier to use and workable? I've been trying to follow the instructions on Chief but either I'm doing something wrong, my computer can't handle it or it is indeed to big and I don't know how to fix it. Does anyone know what I can do to resolve this please?


Cheers and thanks


Lot 8.dwg

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My apologies, I don't work with metric regularly enough.  Select the entire file and transform and replicate Resize by a factor of 1000 then select the polyline I used to trim with and make it the size of what you would like your terrain to be and convert it to the Terrain perimeter.  Then you will need to select the terrain polylines and convert them to elevation lines and assign them the correct elevation.

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On 23/04/2018 at 12:35 PM, Chopsaw said:

Your Quite welcome and feel free to turn off layers and delete stuff you know you will not need so it will be faster for you.


Hi Chopsaw. I've been crook with a bad chest cold since I was here last. I'm just having a go at turning the plot into a terrain perimeter but I can't see it in 3D view. I'll attach the plan so you can see what I have done.


On 24/04/2018 at 10:40 PM, rlackore said:

The original dwg hassome very large block definitions that I suspect may be the culprits. I exploded those blocks and purged their definitions. This file - Lot 8 exploded.dwg - imported into X9 without any problems for me. Maybe it will work for you, maybe not.


Thanks for having a go rlackore. Still a bit big for my system.


Cheers and thanks.

Lot 8.plan

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8 minutes ago, glennw said:



Two things are wrong.

1. You need to scale up the drawing x1000.

Select everything (Edit Area All Floors), Transform/Replicate...Resize...1000.


2. In the camera view, turn on the BD_LOTS layer.


Hi Glenn, I've resized it but not sure how to turn on the layer in camera view.

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Thanks Glenn,  That was a weird one for sure.  Looks like if you convert a Polyline to a Terrain Perimeter it does not transfer to the Terrain Perimeter Layer unless it is on the CAD default layer to start with.  Humm....    Does that sound correct ?


Lady Coralie,  Turn on Your Active Layerset display when in 3D and follow Glenn's previous instructions.

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