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I am working on a project that consists of 3 buildings now joined together as one building (as of 1910).  All three buildings have different floor levels.  We are tearing one down and building a new multi-dwelling building.  We are also making modifications to the other two buildings, so I would prefer to have all of them modeled at once (rather than blocking two in while I address the third).  Is it possible to build them separately and then import them into the same model so that I would have control over floor heights changing (applies to the new building).  If anyone has any experience with modeling this kind of project, I would appreciate it. 


I've been treating a whole floor of the new building as one room then changing the ceiling height on that.  I can't change the floor structure though without changing the floor structure of all the buildings.  Maybe I should just use the actual floor structure of the new building since the others already exist and I can fudge on the existing floor to ceiling height in the existing building.  There are 7 floors in the new building and only 3 floors and basement in the existing buildings.  


I'm using x10 on a mac. 


Thanks for your help



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I prefer to have separate buildings in separate plans


then create a 3D symbol  of each building and place it in the library


then have a master plan with terrain etc and place each building symbol as needed


HOWEVER, if the various "buildings" are attached as "one" in real life

it is probably best to model it as one building


this will require learning how to control floor and ceiling heights and roofs for a "split-level"

this requires a decent learning curve


I have a partner/friend who does this type of complex modeling for me

as I just don't get it - most of the time


if you don't "get it" after awhile - consider hiring someone to help with the tricky parts

also If you post the plan here - many will attempt to help for free - as they love the challenge



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Thank you Lew.  


You inspired me to watch a couple videos, and the #6 mistake while using Chief Architect was the one that helped me- understanding platforms.  I do know how to change floor levels within rooms, but with 7 levels with 3 units on each level, I felt that changing all of the floor heights in all of the rooms would be tedious and frustrating.  Turns out there is a tool for that, the one that selects objects with the same properties and then the one that applies those properties.  I had originally set all of the platforms for all of the levels when they were open 3500 square foot "rooms".  Now as part of a revision I need to change the platform levels for the entire floor but each floor is broken up into rooms and not open as it originally was.  I was hoping to be able to manage this in default settings but I can do it this way too. 







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2 hours ago, hashbasket said:

Have you already analyzed the hydrogeological conditions, soils, topography, structural conditions (underground and above ground), and their ability to carry additional load in the future?

That is a great question.  Have you done it?

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