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  1. katmacphail

    Need plans for my website

    Do you mean that you actually will build? Or just for the website? Katharine
  2. katmacphail

    CA on a Mac Laptop

    I'm looking for a new computer also. I have a MacBook air and everything is older and less powerful than yours but CA doesn't run slowly on my computer. I did have a big problem with crashing and I contacted CA technical support and they made it stop. Have you asked them what could be causing the speed issues? What are you contemplating purchasing? Katharine
  3. katmacphail

    Seeking design help with my home renovation

    I could look at your plans via screen share and give you some feedback if you like. Katharine
  4. katmacphail

    Specifying window labels

    I feel like I'm missing something, maybe I have something turned on or off that should not be- because it seems really inconvenient that the window numbers change. I've just turned off labels and am labeling them all myself.
  5. katmacphail

    Specifying window labels

    I gave up trying to get the schedule to automatically generate changes and yet stay the same window #s in the callouts. I am using the numbers on the window quote and labelling all the windows with the appropriate hand drawn (static) label. On the window schedule itself I got rid of the column "number" which kept changing the label numbers and am putting my desired window # on each one in the code column. That way the labels won't change and won't conflict with what the supplier has. If there is a better or easier way to do this, please let me know. Otherwise if I add a window or change the schedule at all, all of the callouts change and that is messing up the window schedule with the supplier. Katharine
  6. katmacphail

    Specifying window labels

    Eric, the window that has the callout of W09 should say W13. It changed after I made it into two awning windows rather than one fixed window. The window schedule that the supplier has calls that opening W13 and I don't want to confuse matters by changing the opening callouts in my window schedule revision. The other window labels/callouts are also changing. I just want them to stay the same. I am drawing them in by hand and converting the window schedule to text and controlling it from there, but it would be really great if all of it could be controlled by the model. Katharine
  7. katmacphail

    Specifying window labels

    Chopsaw, where is that? The window I am having trouble with is w09 in the second floor bath. I want the label to say w13. Katharine
  8. katmacphail

    Specifying window labels

    I have sent out the window schedule for pricing and have established window numbers for each opening with the supplier. I need to keep the window opening numbers the same, rather than having the window number change when I alter a window. For example, instead of a long fixed window I'd like two awning windows, and when I do that the window number changes. I tried to fix the label, changing it from "automatic label" to "specific label" but no matter what I do I can't specify the window number I want, the new number is still there. Is it possible to fix the window labels to specific opening and then change the windows? It will be a giant mess if I change all of the window labels at this point and I would rather not have to do it all by hand but I can. Any advice? Basically I want to be able to permanently label the openings and alter the windows as needed without the label changing. Using x10. 572_Walden_raise_second_floor.plan
  9. Thanks Eric How do I strip the roof plan down on purpose? I guess I can play around with that. Uncheck ceiling plane over this room, maybe? Katharine
  10. When you say draw in my own, do you mean draw poly line solids, angle them, sandwich them together, make one side slate roof and the other side plaster and fake the roof? Do I make the 3rd floor walls 29" high? Because I don't think the poly line solids would cut the walls as roofs do. I could make those out of poly line solids also, I guess. I won't be able to put a window in there so should I make the stretch of wall that forms the dormer out of a real wall and fake everything else? Do you think it is worth sending it to support? The reason I'm questioning it is that if I do it will take a few more days. Ultimately I just want it to work properly. Maybe I can't have that right now. Thanks Katharine
  11. I have been working on getting this model right for a long time now. The underside of the mansard roof is stripping when it touches anything. Part of it is extending through the window as shown in this image. I'm using CAx10 on a MacBook air. I've rebuilt it several times. I've messed around with the walls. Should I send it to support? Is there something totally obvious that I am missing? If really strange things are happening with the model, should I scrap it and start over again? I've got a huge amount of hours in this now. I'm looking for someone who can show me or explain to me or teach me what is happening. Maybe it is just a glitch. I need advice. I'm willing to pay for help. 118 Pearl existing.plan
  12. katmacphail

    Adding dormers to Mansard roof house

    I tried drawing walls and nothing came out of the roof plane. I'm going to erase it and try again. What is this thing in the wall that looks like a cane in the section shot and is like a white sheet in the other section? It isn't in the other roofs.
  13. katmacphail

    Adding dormers to Mansard roof house

    Eric, how did you make the dormers? Every time I touch the exterior wall in any way, it gets stripped. What is that second image? The walls on the third floor are full height walls, what we are seeing is the underside of the roof. Until it disappears. Katharine
  14. Hello again Last night I needed help building the mansard roof and tonight I need help figuring out the dormers. The interior walls go nuts when I try anything. I have attached a screen shot. Is it because I have full height walls drawn for the third floor? Should they be attic walls? I have tried cutting holes in the roof, sometimes I am able to do it and other times I am not able to do it, other times the exterior wall pops up through the side of the roof, at one point I was able to get a hole in the roof but then the inside got stripped as in the screen shot. I'm sure that I am missing something obvious. Katharine 118 Pearl existing.plan
  15. katmacphail

    Trying to build complicated mansard roof on historic home

    Eric, you really are a genius. Thank you. I don't use the automatic roof generation at all so I didn't even think to turn off the roofs in certain areas through the structure dialog. Obviously! I appreciate your help. katharine