Is there a setting to control Flr Joists @ Openings (like @ stair openings)

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Is there a way to control the number of trimmers created at stair openings.  


In the pic below...the software has placed a double trimmer at the stair opening on both sides...but, on one side there is actually a load bearing wall and only a single trimmer is required so that the joists can bear on the wall. 


Is there someplace in the software that controls this?  Thanks.



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I usually need a beam for those so just draw a ceiling beam

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I set the o.c. spacing to 96" (can't set it any higher), autobuild joists / sills then delete all joists (hence the few as possible in autobuild) except stair openings and rimboard.  Then I set all joist in correct location and quantity.  In your case I would just select joist and replicate / move 1.5".....done!

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Share on other sites the answer is no.  Manual edit is required.  


Auto building floors then almost always will require “time” to make fixes.  


Thanks all for your comments and expertise. 

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