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Do any of you know how to change the default room fill pattern?  We typically use the fill to designate wood, tile or "No Fill" for carpet.  However, we use a line weight of 3.  I fill all of our tile showers with a 4" cross hatch.  Since I come back at the end and show the other floor types, I would like to set the default "Cross Hatch" pattern at 4" and the line weight at 3 to save a few clicks when drawing showers in.  I would then want to set the default back to none for the preliminaries, but when I get to a shower, I could just pick "Cross Hatch" and the other settings would already be set.


Ideally for future releases, it would be nice if we could change the room fill defaults with each "Room" default.  Since I have shower as a "Room", I could then change it to always show the room fill I set as the default.


Just trying to work smarter and fewer "clicks".  Hopefully you all know where I can set the default room fill line weight at a minimum.


Thank you in advance.



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I think you need to repost this in "Suggestions", I could be wrong but I assume that you can set the default in your Profile Plan for one type of room fill but not all possible variations, so you are, I think asking for a new feature addition (and a good one too). So, make it a feature request/Suggestion.



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Thanks Glenn.  I tried that and it will change the "default" for all rooms.  However, I when I changed it back to fill type "none" and closed it, and then opened a room and went to change the room fill, it reverted back to spacing "8" and line weight "1".  I was hoping since I changed the spacing and line weight to "4" & "3" respectively, it would have kept those as the defaults when I picked something besides "none" for the fill type.


Thanks everyone for your suggestions, it looks like I can add on to Solver's Topic in the Suggestions forum.


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