Mono Slab Labeling - the easy way


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When Chief creates a Foundation Plan it names the areas as "Rooms" of the type directly above.  Obviously, this is non-sense so I created a new Room Type (copy of Slab) which I named:

  • 4" Concrete Slab

Then I edited all the foundation areas to that room type.

Then I added the attached macro room_label.json to the Default Room Label.

Now those areas of the Foundaton Plan are automatically labeled:

           4" Concrete Slab

         with 6/6 10/10 WWF

   over 6 mil Visqueen Membrane

           over 4" Sand Base

The macro recognizes the room is a Slab.


Of course that's what I use for a Mono-Slab Foundation.

For Built-up Foundations I just use a Room Type:

  • Crawl Space
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