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1.  I can't for the life of me get room "A" to close to make a bedroom on the second floor of this as built project. 5a94c49e0a28e_2NDFLR.thumb.JPG.7c35f1b8b459933d55d542bb63aea6d1.JPG  "B" is a balcony area, which I defined as a 2' high area with no ceiling or roof. I want room "A" to have a ceiling height 97 1/8". Am I going about building this wrong as being the reason room "A" won't define? ------- A better way?


2.  In the area of "C" on the first floor 5a94c6e43914d_1STFLR.thumb.JPG.057fa789d79db86cc182d48ef798b170.JPG I want the wall to be cutout (X area) 5a94c75709d5e_WALL1.thumb.JPG.a13a838590a3646c9570b40a38468f31.JPG 5a94c789c0f70_WALL2.thumb.JPG.817a02afc782f277f0f9275ef8b2f464.JPG so the cathedral ceiling in the small room smoothly transitions into the cathedral area of the larger area. Plan in progress is attached. As always all advice/help is much appreciated.


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The wall below the A is No Room Def.


For the C problem, set the Ceiling Height in the space to where the bottom of the wall should be.


I drew in a Ceiling Plane so it continues under the wall.


There will be some manual fixup -- wall dragging etc, but this should get you closer.



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Eric----------------Thank you for your time, advice and revised plan file. It was getting late last night after a long day. I'm not sure if I would have figured out the total problem. It is very much appreciated.

Glenn-------------Thank for that insight about the furred wall. I have no idea how that came about------------much appreciated.


TO ALL----------Have a great day!

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