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I need to have 3- 6' tall x 4' long retaining wall for the soil side of my ICF walls every ~20'.  I have tapped into the existing basement wall and when I do an elevation or camera view I get what looks like a foundation for the first floor??  I built this wall on the "0" floor, basement level. For some reason It's not showing up? It shows that it's tapped into the basement wall?? Uploaded plan. 




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The program does not understand where they need to go.


Use a Room Divider across the outside forming rooms divided by your retaining walls. Also, uncheck Terrain Retaining Wall.


Remove the floor and ceiling and set the floor to match the basement. 


I used Pony Walls with the top half as a Room Divider to set the height.



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I simply added a foundation wall to your basement, then grabbed the top of the wall and dragged it down.


You need to change the wall type to one of the foundation types such as 8" stem wall, and check "Foundation Wall" in the general tab.



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Hi Gene, aren't the counterforts on the heel side of the slab of a common retaining wall though?


Or is counterfort just a catchall name for this concept?



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Usually counterforts are buried in the backfill on the "high" fill side. If they are exposed on the opposite side, they are usually called buttresses.

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