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Please see the attached Chief Architect file & screenshot for reference.

In this current project, I am building this  a shower in the master bathroom (see upper top right of the floor plan).  

I am trying to have one side of my wall in the screenshot provided, sprayed with subway tile (inside of the shower), while the other side of the wall and the edge still remain drywall.

I have tried to just isolate the areas I want tile and the areas of this specific interior wall I want drywall and still have had no luck.


I look forward to hearing some of your input.


Thank You!



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Get into the Habit of NOT "spraying" Materials on walls , weird things can happen, instead Select the wall in question, and change the material on the side of the wall you want to be , in this case, to Subway tile.  If you don't want Subway above the Vanity , Break the Wall at the shower wall intersection and again open the DBX and Change the tile wall surface back to Drywall above the Vanity.


In newer versions of CA , their is also the Wall and Floor Materials Regions Graham refers too, which are very handy for this kind of thing too.... , not sure if they are in X8 though?


PS I would not Hinge the Shower Door like that off a short section of Glass , there is too much weigh in a glass door that size and the small panel will move as the weight changes opening and closing the door , it is much better to hinge the door of the Stud wall directly.



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