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I know you all may wonder why I would want to do this.  Anyway, is there any easy way to have the bottom edge of the fascia boards be flush with the bottom edge of the soffit?  I have never figured out an easy way to accomplish this.  I know I can change the size of fascia boards and the soffit so that everything is real close to what I am trying to achieve.  I just wish there was an easier way to accomplish what I am trying to do  The look I am trying to achieve would look something like the flush eaves in the second picture but, they would still be boxed eaves.  If that makes any sense.


Chief Architect X8 - Bottom Edge of Fascia Flush with Soffit 01.jpg


Chief Architect X8 - Bottom Edge of Fascia Flush with Soffit 02.jpg

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You are in luck as x9 does this with 1 check box....I am not at my system now but will post later.

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Oh, Good!  Thank you so much.  I have looked for some setting or check box that might let me do this but could not find anything.  I am probably not looking in the right place.

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Roof Plane Specification dbx, or Roof Defaults dbx...Options panel...Eaves...Flush Eave.

But it is still not perfect as the thickness of the end material is derived from the outside wall layer thickness of the gable wall.

This means that if you have a brick veneer wall on the gable end, the thickness of the vertical infill triangle will be the thickness of your brick wall layer.

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If you are using X8 in roof dbx, structure tab.

check mark by soffits "flat under eave sub fascia"

Change gable and eave sub-fascia size + the soffit material thickness = the size of the fascia +1/4" for the pitch of the roof.

flat under eave sub fascia.JPG

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