laptop requirements for CA?

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Concerning laptops, try sites like newegg, or xoticpc.

My honest opinion is if you want to stick to around 1000$ not more, maybe a little more to increase ram go for this:


at 1k with a 7700hq quad core 8 threads, 1060 card should cover anyyyy needs you have including ray traces, and the rest is up to you.

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I’m debating whether to buy the new Surface Book 2 13.5” with GPU GeForce GTX 1050 with dedicated 2GB memory. Or the 15” with the GeForce 1060 with 6GB dedicated memory. the debate is the expense. The 15” becomes a $3,000. Anyone here think I can get away with 2GB of dedicated graphic card memory? I only do basic 3D no Ray Trace.

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Hi all has anyone looked into or purchased the new HP Z book x2.

I was interested in the surface book with performance base earlier in the year but came across this offering from HP.

Pricey yes but depending on your workflow which includes the multiple functionality desktop / laptop / tablet with ability to hand sketch / mark up pdfs and import / share without interruption is key for me.

The return from efficiencies in time and mobility would be realised immediately.


thoughts appreciated..


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I use a 17.3" HP Pavilion 2.6GHz i7 8GB for remote presentations and it runs X9 just fine. I don't ray trace with it, and rotating a 3D view is slightly jerky but it's fast with static 3D cameras, and the thing only cost $700. HDMI out connects to the client's TV. Perfect for me.

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