Slow System - Major Lag

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Hey All-


I need a few of you to test the plan / layout speed on your systems to compare with mine. My system is VERY laggy when I start working on pages 6-10 of my layout (sections / details). What if I actually wanted to use the auto detail??? I'd have dentures by the time the screen were to move to the right 4 inches. lol Also, in the plan I don't even attempt the painting / tech. illustration or glass house viewing options in 3d. Sure, it changes, but try to move the camera, yeah right! Glad I paid for my funeral expenses already. Standard or vector are the only things that run smoothly.


Point is, I'm trying to see if it's just a system / video card / CA program setting or two that can be tweaked to increase the speed on my machine or is it a problem everyone is having. Either way, tthrow me some ideas on how to improve the performance after you have witnessed my plan / layout for yourself. I may just be bat crazy!

I have read a number of chief talk threads about improving computer speed and have tried them with no real progress.


I have included my plan / layout / system analysis and video card data.



My signature includes my system info too.

My CA program only has 1 or two plans/layouts (because I'm a complete nube) so space is not an issue.

My plan/layout are stored on my local ssd drive - not the cloud.

I'm not running a bunch of programs behind CA. I may have firefox open with 1 tab and an open office document for taking notes at the most.

My task manager shows the processor is off the charts when I'm working in the issue areas. I mean ping ping ping 100% resources with a side of jello!

I switched all my sections and details to view with plot lines instead of live views or live views updated on demand. Still no difference either way.

I have removed all auto detail from the sections / details, again still no difference.



Let me know what ya think!


Again, thanks in advance-


P.S. I have reserved time on IBM's Watson just in case this cannot be improved. I hope that has enough operation power...Geez!






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I would suggest you contact Customer Support.  OTOH, Pan/Zoom should only be done in Standard or Vector Render modes.  What's on your Layout Pages 6-10?  Sections and Elevations with "Auto Update"?  Turn that off.

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Justin, I have your layout and plan open and not seeing significant lag. Give me a call on Skype and tell me where the biggest problem is.  Now or after 8:00.

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I have a "1 second lag" switching from page 5 to  page 6, rest pages open and switch in fraction of the second. I do not consider 1 second  to open page 6 a big issue.


And my system is dated. Systems could act up if you have issues with hard drive or HD is full. 

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Very true brown tiger. After a few people's responses being the same as yours....I think it has to be in my video card / how the program is using my video card / or a setting within the program and or video card.


I may need to take my unit to a computer pro and have them optimize it.


Thanks again-

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