Typical Details with notes...whats the strategy?

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I'm all in on the building model approach that CA gives us and the savings it provides.


However, there is nothing that saves more time than having a sheet of standard details, right?


So, how do you guys (gals) approach your projects that regularly use standard details with notes? 


The building may give  you a view, but it doesn't automatically give notes on foundation details, typical walls, etc.


My guess is that everyone has standard details and then inserts details for conditions that are not typical?


I'm all ears on understanding more of the CA Construction Document process.


Thank You!




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Chief comes with a large amount of cad details which you can modify to fit your local needs. The reason there aren't standard details and notes for everybody is because we all use different details for our locality. You kind of have to develop your own. I have thousands only b/c I have been doing this for 40 years and keep every one for future use.

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Start here, download libraries from CA website and go to training videos. There is no magic button that does it for you, manual work is always involved.


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As Larry and Shane have said download the blocks then find the one closest to what you are looking for exploded it make the changes to meet your needs then block it and give it a name for what you want and put on a layer for what you want and then setup a lib in the user lib and put all your blocks in there and you will always have them

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CA's cross section of the actual model or plan with added notes is just about as quick as modifying a generic cad detail. You will do both, I'm sure.

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    • By robdyck
      Does anyone have some decent ideas to keep track of details? I'm working on a large home that has over 40 details. If I decide that a particular detail, let's say it's #5, is redundant or not required, that means I've got 35 details and their callouts to renumber????? 
      I've been calling out details from the cross sections in layout, specifically so I don't have to open each section view (which is so tedious) in order to place callouts. But there's no schedule tool in layout to make any sort of auto-numbering system. And no linking system from the callout to the detail camera (I like to keep them live) or to the CAD detail (which I use for less dynamic details).
      This is as bad or worse than the issues one runs into when using room numbers.
      Surely there is some system within Chief for actual architectural plans? 
      Like probably almost everyone else I've kept my details in the user library with the original saved as an individual plan file. If anything ever changes or a code revisions requires a change to the detail, I open the original plan file, update the detail, make a cad block, and send it to the User Library to replace the old one, and delete the older detail. That's tedious at best.
      A few weeks ago Joe Carrick mentioned he keeps all his details on a single plan file and then references the details into the Layout file. That way any changes made to the master detail file are always shown in the layout file. Great idea I thought but I think I took him too literal.
      I spent 2 days importing and arranging my details in the plan file, on a few separate CAD Detail Management sheets, one for each scale. Then I sent each detail to layout and positioned the individual details on the sheet. I noticed a HUGE drop off in pan and redraw ability. I think I noticed this once before a few years ago, that when you have multiple, say 25 instances of the same view (details) on the layout sheet, then the program has trouble dealing with it. I do like to have each detail on my layout template so when I'm doing a project I can simply delete the individual details I don't need. But this speed degradation is not a problem when you have the individual details as part of the layout sheet within the CAD Detail Management. It seems it's only a problem when the details are all drawn on the same plan file, spaced a few inches away from each other.
      While I'm typing this I just thought, I guess you can still have them all in the same plan file, but not technically drawn on the same sheet like my attached screen shot, but instead have them all within their own Cad Detail Management Block. 
      BTW, Hey Chief, it would be REALLY great if you could give us a preview box of the CAD Detail Management, just like we already have in the CAD Block Management window. See attached. Plus one if you endorse the idea here:

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      In South Florida, homes are prominently constructed out of concrete blocks, metal studs & beams, concrete headers/lentils/beams, and wooden trusses. Which software would you recommend that would be best suited for concrete home construction? 
      Also, I can't find any training videos for CA that uses concrete blocks and therefore I wanted to ask you all if you know of any videos or tutorials for CA... Or maybe one of the aforementioned software would be better suited for concrete block construction?
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      This message is for anyone who can use chief and wants to do some work. I have a license to chief but can’t draft efficiently yet. I need 12 details drawn in chief for a project I am working on. I have them drawn in auto cad but they don't copy over well at all. Is anyone willing to draw these 12 details for a total of $200.  Please feel free to call my cell at 209.263.1382. My name is Matthew. This is not a scam. I seriously need these drawn for a job and I can't figure it out and I don't know anybody that knows how either. If you draw them and send me a pdf to show they are drawn I will mail you a check or pay on PayPal, whatever you like. I live in Sacramento, ca so if you are in the area I will also pay cash. Thank you in advance. 

    • By SNestor
      I'm just wondering if how I'm going about something is really the fastest and simplest method.  
      See attached elevation.  All the arches and brick details I created in a CAD DETAIL FROM VIEW.  I created polylines in the detail view, copied to my elevation view, then converted to either a material region or a P-Solid.  Colored them as needed to look like brick or mortar.  Even the step flashing shown is made from P-Solids.  
      It's all a bit time consuming...just wondering if there isn't a faster/better method?