Converting AUTOCAD Multi-Colored Lines/Layers to Black Lines?


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Import ACAD drawing to default CAD layer color set to black. All original ACAD colors remain. >Select all>choose layer>line set to black>OK - no line colors change. Can't change line colors all at once.


Select single line, change color to black, or select default layer with black lines, color changes to black.


How to change all line colors to black at once?



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This is just a guess without seeing the plan but you probably need to check "By Layer" next to the color setting when you group select.  When you group select I'm betting that box is filled in (no change).

Thanks Michael, If one line is chosen or a select few that box appears, but 'selecting all' that box doesn't appear. I can select all then change to the default Layer which is CAD default, black, but none of the colors change. I can change one or a couple at a time but not all of them.

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Michael may be correct. Quite often some of the AutoCAD entities that are imported will be blocked. If that's the case you need to explode them first. 

No doubt he is but this must be a very common operation, no? Perhaps not and I need to convert each line one or two at a time, just thought this would be a simple things that was done by many people in the past but I guess not so much. I tried attaching the ACAD file was not allowed to do so but they are all pretty much the same. Many, many, layers blocks text etc. and no way know which is which from the arcane layer names. I'll just muscle through.


Also tried to attach the plan file with the imported ACAD drawings but got a weird sad face in the upload box when trying to attach the file. Never seen that before. Anyway thanks for the replies I'm off to get some work done.

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I usually do it in TurboCad first- some blocks won't but not usually important.

In Cheif- select one line, then "ctrl + J"; click layer in the box, once all are selected,"ctrl + E" (open object) , change color to black (not by layer)


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