Auto-matic roof = Picasso like result? what? Need help making a vaulted ceiling. Thank you!

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Newbie with CA here. Please be kind.


I'm trying to model an existing home.  We've got a vaulted ceiling in the living room.  

When I hit Automatic roofs, I get this weird gap between the top of the exterior wall and the roof.  The inside also goes really 'trippy', puts planes/surfaces/gaps in all the wrong places.  Kind of like a Picasso interpretation of the home.  Not my intent.  Eeek. 


when I select one of those weird angled walls, and open it, it's an 'Attic' wall type automatically generated.  


I'm sure this is a simple fix....I've seen it happen on the forums before, someone posts a cRaZy problem and an expert swoops in and saves the day. it's a beautiful thing to behold.  Thank you to the experts on here.  You are GOLD!!!!!










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Be sure to close the plan before trying to upload.

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Windows will not allow you to upload a file that is actively open in an application like Chief. Close Chief and then do the upload, if too large, then zip the file and upload the zip.


Most of us will use the Auto Build Roof tool and then Manually Edit the results to exactly what we need and want. It is a learned skill 



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To get the ball rolling.

Open the Build Roof dbx...Roof panel...Roof Height...make the Raise/Lower From Ceiling Height, zero.

Auto build roofs.


You have lots of weird things happening with walls that I don't have time to look at now.

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Angela,  Not quit sure what was going on with all those wacky walls by I applied Glenn's fix and played with some of the other problems until they looked right.  So no guarantees but you may be able to use this plan to compare settings or carry on with.


Good Luck,  Chopsaw

Calvori Chopsaw FIX.plan

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I could fix a lot of the wall problems by just opening the wall's dbx and closing it.

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wow!!!!!  David, you blew my mind with the wall polylines.  Thank you for taking the time to do that video, I have learnt so much from that!   I was too timid to edit those polylines it was great to see how you manipulated them and made them look like something based in reality!


and Chopsaw, thank you for fixing my plan and attaching it.....I used that fixed plan to go forward and was able to make my presentation deadline.  Phewph!  You saved me.  


and thank you Glen.  I used those fixes too.  


my love hate relationship with CA just swung heavily to the love side again.   :wub:  


thanks a million :)





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