Power failer - Now I get this error message

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I was working this afternoon on a plan. I had the plan and the layout open. There was a thunderstorm that passed over, and the power to the building shut off for 1 second. This caused my computer to turn off immediately. After the power came on, and my computer started up, I tried to open the file that I was working on.

The File would not open, and I received a message that the file was corrupt. I did not get a screen shot of the error message.


I recovered a previously saved file from earlier in the day. That one will open in Chief. But When I open the file, and also when I save a .plan file or .layout file, I receive the following error:

 (open the attachment)Power Failer.pdf




How can I get rid of this error message?

I save my work very often. I have a habit of hitting Control+C several times a minute. Because of the power failure, my computer did not exit out of Chief. The computer just shut off.


My thought is to uninstall Chief, then reinstall. Will that take care of the issue?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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contact CA;s tech support


they are open unti 5 PM Pacific

so you have 30 minutes yet


otherwise they open 6 AM Pacific


others may have suggestions too



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Your preferences are corrupt.  If you delete that file, then the program will automatically create new preferences for you when you launch it again.


If you continue to have problems, then please contact technical support.

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