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  1. Kirk, Can you tell me how to add two global variables together? Here is what I have in my Output: %heated1Output% (add here) %bonusRoomOutput% I can't seem to find how to add a "sum" or anything like that. Thomas
  2. This is exactly what i am looking for. to Kirk: 1. Can you create a second Polyline for lets say on the 2nd floor? Then add the 1st and 2nd floors together and display that number? 2. Can you add another Polyline on Floor 1 for lets say the garage? Then display the garage polyline in the same text box as 1st and 2nd? Thomas
  3. Kirk, or anyone else reading this, How to I get a Polyline Label on Floor 2 to display in my footage chart on Floor 1? The only way see to make this work, is to create the polyline on Floor 2, then paste in place on floor 1. I am looking and looking at how to create a Square Footage Chart that works. I have had many replies back that "it is very simple and easy to create"; yet I can not find a good thread or video of someone actually creating this. I have very little knowledge on Macros. How does one call up a polyline on another floor and display information out of it? Any help, link or thread would be much appreciated. Thomas
  4. Simple question I think. I just cant seem to figure this out. How do I create a Text box with my plan areas? - When I use %room.area.standard%, this gives me what I need. But I can not move the text out of the room. - when I have 2 porches, can I add the two areas together on another "total porch" sq.ft text line? - Do I use Standard Area Polyline? If so, what is the correct macro to read it, such as living area, garage, porches, etc. I can use stand area polyline, and then add correct macros to the label of each. Then move the label to the side in a list. But is there a way to accomplish this in 1 text box, reading each area respectively. What about adding 2 porches into 1 total porch area? Here is what in 1 text box: total Heated Living: sq.ft. total Garage: sq.ft total porches: sq.ft. etc. Then I can send this text to layout where I need it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Thomas
  5. Chopsaw, That is what I needed. Thanks for the help. Thomas
  6. If it possible to convert a door or window to cad lines? I would like to show optional door, etc. and not let the door actually show up in 3D, or 2D (when it is placed in the wall). I currently have the door on a separate layer, but on my framing layer, it leaves the opening. Thanks. Thomas
  7. Can someone tell me where the setting is to change the "default" attic wall when one is generated? I would like to change the siding color through defaults, so I do not have to always change manually. Thanks. attic wall default.plan
  8. ok. So what do you all do? Any suggestions? I have a pile of plan files of the same home. Each one a little different. I never know which one to start from on a new house that the next customer wants to change. answer your question: I do not use auto roof. They do not draw out correctly, and I find it faster to manually draw them. I do not use auto Foundation, because it erases my piers, girders, details etc. when it updates.
  9. I am a builder, who uses Chief for house plans in Subdivisions. These are possible options that we show potential customers. My overall question is not necessarily a simple one: 1. Can layers in Chief handle modifications to a "spec" plan top to bottom? Example: We have a spec plan with (1) 16'x7' overhead garage door. But we also have an option to have (2) 9'x7' doors. To make this change, the garage has to be widened by 4' lets say. Can a plan be set up to turn on/off the needed layers and everything updates? This option would have a layout showing it. A customer could decide they want this options, and I can make the change to the plan quickly, and be ready to submit plan for building permit. All these things must change: - foundation, framed walls, roofs, windows/ doors may move, schedules update, dimensions update, .layout updates, 3D updates, etc. 2. If this is possible, what about Front Elevations? Can there be 1 plan, with layers on/off for "gable front", and "hip front"? 3. Are 2+ (separate plans) needed for these changes. I am spending too much time modifying my plans. Example: Plan 1 is gable front with normal garage. Plan 2 is hip front with larger garage., etc. I have 10 plans for the same house. 4. If what I am after is possible, is there anyone reading who is capable of completing this, and that I can hire to create a plan for me? This is not something I know how to do. I can not find any topics on this. If there are any, pass them to me please. Thomas
  10. I am having this same problem on my basement ceiling and 1st floor. I need to change 1st floor thickness. Changed in defailts, set each to use default, still not changing floor thickness when I rebuild Framing. I am using x9, and in my defaults, there is no "Rooms" - It is now "Floor and Rooms", with no Normal Room option. How can this be done in Chief x9?
  11. I have searched previous posts, and do not see what I am looking for. - I have default window Trimmer set to 1 (quantity). Here is the problem. - on a 2'8" wide window, that is not a problem. (1 Trimmer) - on a 5'4" wide (twin 2'8") window, i need 2 trimmers. So now I manually change count to 2. But on the latest house, I overlooked making the change, The framer used my header length (1 trimmer), and today he is tearing out the headers and replacing it 3" longer. $$ Is there any way to set trimmer count based on opening size (similar to header size)? Lets say, a window/door opening over 5' spans automatically changes trimmers to (2) Thomas
  12. to KervinHomeDesign Thanks for the info. I believe that is what happened. I do not remember ever manually changing the layer thickness. I figured it was from my house wrap layer that was messing it up, so I removed that, and still there was the same problem. Turns out the automatic change to the wall thickness changed and did not reset to 3.5". Now I understand how it happened. The problem has driven me crazy for quite some time. But now i know where it is. I just could not find it.
  13. That was it Alaskan_Son. Thanks so much.
  14. I must no be explaining this properly. Let me try again. The attached plan exterior dim is 20'. exterior walls are 3.5" thick. Total interior measurement should be 19'5" even. Now, click on one of the exterior walls. Then the 19'5" dimension. It reads 19' 5.02". Why is the actual interior dimension +0.02" wider than it should be? Thomas Dimension is off a fraction.plan