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  1. I will definitely update my signature. I took notice of both of you all's. Thank you!
  2. I did learn that earlier in this process...
  3. I will do that. I have 8 cores. I have not been multitasking other than corresponding here. Thanks for the overheating advice. Running at 100% I figured it was bound to happen. Thank you both again. Jeremy
  4. our computer guys opened up my lap top multiple times over the past few weeks. The replaced my HD with a SSD. The put in another new one with Windows 10 as I was running windows 7 ultimate and Chief would not recognize the Nvidia card - was hung up on the intel card. The upgrade to 10 fixed that issue but didn't really impact performance.
  5. also 1 mirror and 1 glass shower wall. that's it. nothing else to the plan. I was looking at the thread Mick recommended when it shut down. Going back there now. Thank you both for taking the time.
  6. It must have been when I took the screen shot. it's not constant - it's up at 90-100 and then spikes down then right back up. 7 lights, 1 was on point. Computer just shut down on its own.
  7. it is set to use all 8 cores Chief is fluctuating between 90 and 100% on all. Virtually nothing else is registering.
  8. The issue I am having is Ray trace and speed, or lack there of. My tech folks have been working on this, Chief Support has provided little assistance when my tech folks have called them, and so my last resort is posting here. Problem - Ray Trace takes approx 6 minutes per pass (see attached image which shows the time/passes as my CPU performance). Nothing is open or appears to be running in the background (and I am about to throw my computer against the wall...) Computer Specs: Alienware 17" lap top Processor: Intel Core I7 4910MQ CPU @2.9GHz RAM: 32 GB Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M Thank you in advance for your help. Jeremy