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  1. Hi All, My understanding is that the refresh issue involving global variables in text is considered "expected" behavior. Our Development team also knows that global variables aren't anyone's favorite to work with, though. Any time you have a use case that you're addressing using a global variable, feel free to let us know so we can look at providing a better alternative. You can post in the Suggestions forum (, e-mail, or contact Technical Support (
  2. Hi All, Thanks for the additional information. I am not sure if the ceiling shadow associated with the default interior light is the same problem as the one associated with point lights, but it certainly could be. I spoke to one of our software engineers, though, and learned that although they aren't "real objects", Added Lights do have a bounding box of some kind, and the surfaces of that box are capable of casting shadows when they interact with the surface of an actual object - basically, it's a type of Z fighting. It looks like you can avoid that problem if the Added Lig
  3. Hi All, A square shadow in the middle of a room's ceiling is a known issue that is associated with the default interior light. If you add an actual light source (fixture or Added Light), it should go away. I know that our software developers are aware of this problem but make sure they've seen this thread, too. The squares on the walls and floors, however, are another matter. We haven't seen those before, so if you have a plan in which they are a problem, PLEASE send them to Technical Support using the Online Support Center at
  4. The Export 360 Panorama tool can be found in the File> Export menu when a 3D view is open. It's also an option in the Ray Trace Options (General panel). It looks like there's nothing in the Index of the Help right now, but if you use the Help Search you can find it by typing either 360 or Panorama. Hope this helps!
  5. Hi All, Remember that while we try to keep on eye on all the threads in this forum, posting here is not the same thing as contacting Chief Architect Technical Support directly. If you have a plan or layout in which your text is wrapping incorrect, we encourage you to share it with us using the Online Support Center, Thanks!!