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  1. London

    compatibility with Microsoft surface

    Unfortunately, no. A Microsoft Surface uses a copy of Windows 8.0, or 8.1. To use Room Planner, you must have an iPad, which has an iOS operating system. As of yet, Room Planner will not run on any Android Device, or an Apple OSX computer, or any computer than uses any version of Microsoft Windows. Fish07, does that make sense?
  2. London

    Exterior roof trust

    RDeshotel - What kind of decorative roof truss were you seeking? When I think of decorative roof trusses, here is what I generally think of: What were you hoping for?
  3. London

    Room Planner to X6

    As you probably know, it's easy to start a design in Room Planner, and then transfer it to the cloud and open it in X6. Please feel free to comment, or respond with your experience with Room Planner.
  4. London

    Adjust wall height

    stager386 - It's not possible to adjust WALL height, but you can make a wall invisible, and then add a 'Shape' from the Core Catalog>Architectural>Shapes selection. I will typically use the 'Box 36in High' and then adjust the height to be the height of the wall I am seeking. I know it's a bit more work, but will the Box work for you? --London