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  1. archdrafting

    Window/Door Label tab

    Thanks for the reply.. It is that window label tab that you posted. I cannot change anything in that tab.
  2. archdrafting

    Window/Door Label tab

    Question for the board. Opened plan in X10. When I go to window or door labels I cannot change/select anything. This just happened out of nowhere. It is consistent in any plan I have. No layers are locked? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. archdrafting

    Round Windows

    Does anyone know how to put a brick "casing" "surround" around a round window? Thanks,
  4. archdrafting

    Offering Drafting Services

    Hi, Any builders, Architects, or fellow chief users in search of some help I am offering my services. Over 15yrs drafting experience with chief architect. Currently using X7-X10 Reasonable rates Quick turn around Thanks, Mike