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  1. Are there default settings for electrical connections? The reason I'm looking for them is that when I make a lighting plan I always adjust all the connection splines to have a larger radius (make them straighter) than what Chief gives them when they are put in the drawing. It would save me a good 10 minutes on an average house just adjusting those damn splines. So does anyone know where the defaults are or have a work-around for me? Please and thank you.
  2. Does anyone have a good method of measuring the overhang of a roof when it's out of reach? I can eyeball it close enough, but it can be kind of important to get it right when you are putting on a new roof on an addition. Any tricks with a laser tape maybe?
  3. I picked up an Acer Predator Helios 500 a couple months ago and it has been working out great so far. Chief runs wonderfully on it. My only two complaints are that its pretty heavy (not a big deal), and it won't fit in 90% of the laptop bags out there. Had to buy a large one on amazon. I picked mine up for about $1500. I went to the store planning on buying the slightly larger version with a GTX 1080 and saw this one next to it. I'm very glad I went with the smaller one; the 1070 is plenty powerful for what I've been using it for and I'd hate to lug around anything heavier.
  4. My laptop has two graphics cards. when I first installed X10 it was only running on one of the cards and produced mostly blank views as well. I had to go into my GPU settings and make sure it was running on the more robust card. I see you only list one card in your signature, and I'm not too familiar with how macs are set up, but its worth looking into the GPU settings to see if you can change something in there. Good luck!
  5. Thanks for the response Eric. Do you thin I should do that in that one room, or all the rooms with weird ceiling heights? Edit: So I did that in the room in your pic and it worked. No idea what caused this still but it worked. I'm confused because that wasn't the room that it was taking the ceiling thickness from.
  6. Hey all. So heres my issue; I drew up this really old house recently. I believe the main house was mid to late 1800's. The first floor has different ceiling heights in each room, even in the same room in one case. So in order to draw it I set the floor structure thickness, and changed the thickness of the ceiling finish as needed. In the room in question I had to add over 9 inches to the finish. Overall I think it worked out pretty well. The issue is that theres one door where I can see what I can only assume is two ceiling planes in the wall above and below the header of a door. The resaon I assume its a ceiling plane is that it is the same thickness as the ceiling finish. I haven't the slightest idea how or why this happened, so I'm hoping one of you will. It was all done in x10. What do you think? Also if you have a better suggestion on how to tackle differing ceiling heights I'd love to hear them. The second floor is level throughout. CK DOOR ISSUE.plan
  7. Morning all, So I'm currious how everyone handles labeling and displaying floor framing on their layouts. I feel like it can get a little confusing at first glance to someone unfamiliar with how Chief works because if I have a page with the first floor of a house, the floor framing displayed is for the second floor. So what I'll usually do is label it first floor ceiling framing, so I don't have to write first floor floor framing. I know I could also use a CAD detail of the framing and display it on the floor I want. I'm sure theres got to be a better way to do it so theres little chance of confusion. How do you do it?
  8. I do indeed have a 4.5 in casing, but it bumps 4 3/16 from the casing. I can control drag it closer obviously and it'll move past it if I keep dragging, but there has to be a setting for it somewhere. I couldn't find it in the help section, preferences, default settings (for windows at least), or searching through the forum. I don't really have time to check the videos at work right now, but I will if it's still unresolved tonight.
  9. Hi all, I just upgraded to X10 last week so I'm still figuring out the new features and settings. I placed a window in the plan I'm working on and it bumped against a cabinet that was about 4.5 inches away. I can't seem to find the setting to control this. Can someone point me in the right direction please?
  10. I use this one and love it: it has 16 programable buttons total, 5 different button profiles, and adjustable DPI. Takes a bit of getting used to, but it saves me so much time now that I'm used to it. Pretty cheap for what it is too. Personally, I have had way too many issues with cordless over the years to use one now, but to each their own.
  11. I'm not sure of a way to do that directly. It should say double hinged door, but if thats not enough I do have a couple ideas on work arounds: 1- Uncheck 'include in schedule' in door spec box. Create a wall way off the the side of the plan. Create a door the size you want and in the framing section make the r.o. the size you want. Then copy and paste so you have 2. Then your schedule will look right. Then get rid of the door label on the plan and use a callout to make it match the schedule. 2- Put text over the incorrect label on the schedule so it looks right. I'd be interested to see if there's a way to change the way it talks (for lack of better term) to the schedule directly.
  12. If I am understanding the problem right then you can just double click the dim tool and change the defaults. If the individual dims are on default settings and on the active layer you can change the default and it will change all the dims. It's no on/off button, but it beats doing each dim manually. Alternatively, you could go to the all off layer, turn on the dim layers you want, group select and change them that way all at once.
  13. Good looks as always solver and dshall!
  14. Hey all, I'm having an issue with my roofs. The house I measured up last week has 2x6 rafters, so I adjusted the settings in the roof defaults dialog accordingly. The problem is that the exterior walls have an inch or so gap between the top of the wall and the bottom of the roof. I can manually bring the wall up to meet the roof in most cases, but I'm sure there is a setting I am missing here somewhere. Did a quick search and didn't find anything useful. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Chris roof problem.plan
  15. Haha ya it should look real. That is the real picture I am trying to recreate. Alright I'll focus on that then. Thanks!
  16. But since I need the reflection of the cabinets off the counter rather than the light source off the counter, I should change the cabinet material too, right?
  17. Hey all. I haven't had to do a whole lot with ray tracing so far so I'm trying to improve my techniques. I'm trying to recreate this picture, and I'm pretty happy with the results so far, but I'm having trouble getting the wood counters to reflect the cabinets properly. I'm reading through the help section on material definitions, but I thought I'd throw it out to you folks and see what you think as well. So what kind of material class and settings would you use for this instance? In the current ray trace I've included here I tried polished without messing with any of the setting sliders yet and it just isn't showing any light reflections. Thoughts?
  18. There is a slab tool, as well as a slab with footing tool. I'd use that or a ployline solid. Then maybe include a cad detail from the pdf you provided on the construction docs. I'd suggest looking up slabs in the training videos also.
  19. I'm sure Eric's way works (as always), but I had a thought worth sharing. Would niches work?
  20. This is perfect. Thank you Mark and Graham. Is there a way to combine the two cabinets so I won't get the module lines between them? Otherwise this is just what I was looking for.
  21. Is there a way I can modify a base cabinet to look like the picture I attached? I am planning on putting two of these in the back side of a triangular island. The cabinets are standard in the manufacturer catalog, but I'm not sure how to put it in my model short of making it out of psolids and cabinet doors. I looked around here and the help menu but couldn't figure it out. I'd spend more time on it but I only have a couple hours left on the job, so someone enlighten me and save my day!
  22. Before you go trying to create your own, take a look in the "Carlisle Wide Plank Floors" manufacturer catalog. There are two sub-folders with herringbone wood flooring (actually I think its wood style tile, but w/e). There is also a bonus catalog called "Materials Chevrons and Herringbone" that has some wallpaper, tile, and a few wood flooring options. The options are limited, but definitely worth a look before you put time into creating your own.
  23. You may want to check It is a bit harder to find things than 3d warehouse, but they have a lot of manufacturers products.
  24. That must be it; how did you get to that dialog box? I did the missing files check and nothing is coming up. I'll take a look at the jennair objects in the plan though. I usually do, but like i said at least two other people have worked on this file before I got my hands on it.