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  1. In my completed drawing any way to change ONE wall. say the garage wall into the house to have 1/2 drywall on one side and 5/8 on the other. when I select ONE wall and define that wall with 1/2 on one side and 5/8 on the other it changes all walls in the drawing!
  2. scout1

    Call out

    is there a way to duplicate a plan view then rename and save that view. after that is done can the call out labels be on in one view and off in the other. I turn on labels in one view then save that view. I then switch to the other view and turn off label and save that view now labels are off in both saved plan views?
  3. scout1


    Any way to make the length column report in feet and inches
  4. How can the size of the symbols in 2d or plan view be increased all of the switch and plug symbols are to small when sending to layout.The layout page is 24" x 36" the house is 8500 sq feet so it needs to be sent at 1/8"= 1' to fit on page.
  5. I have changed my rafter type to lvl my engineer said I need new spacing so I auto rebuild roof to 16" oc from 24" oc. After doing this all of my rafters are now listed as ( lumber ) (not lvl ) trying to set default rafters to lvl when auto rebuilding so my schedules will list proper material and size
  6. scout1

    Wall Types

    no trick just wanted to change on a global scale after looking deeper I changed in the default setting after I did this all interior walls changed
  7. how to change all interior wall types at one time
  8. scout1


    if I place a roof rafter schedule in the roof plan turn on labels they label as such T35 then when I do a materials list they are labeled different as R25 they have no connection to each other if I print a materials list and then look at the printed plan how do I know what is what without two labels for same framing member. Avon Catalog | Avon Brochure | Avon Campaign 17 2019 Target Red Card | Target Deal Days | Amazon Baby Registry | Amazon Prime Day 2019
  9. scout1


    In the framing roof list why is there no valley or hip rafter just rafters blocking, facia,header,lookout, and ridge am I missing something..?
  10. Any easy way to put a materials list on a page in layout
  11. Any way to list the weight of an item and a total weight based on the count I would like to use for shipping calculations in the pic I have items listed that weigh 1500 pounds each thanks I would like for this to show in a materials list
  12. that was not the point all of the other categorys in symbols type will go to a schedule so I thought this was no exception my mistake
  13. why would chief let you create a symbol typ ( geometric shape ) that could not go to a schedule? does not make much sense that they would create an unusable category.
  14. any way to get a symbol created using the drop down box (geometric shape ) to go to a schedule
  15. scout1


    when I created the symbols I used geometric shape in the drop down box any way to get geometric objects on a schedule there are thousands of symbols of different types all on the geometric drop down