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  1. I am trying to add finishes to exterior wall. I have the first portion of the wall to be stone, then siding and the gable to be shake. I think some could be with pony wall. However my second floor has approximatly 6 foot high exterior walls and 8 foot ceilings so I can not figure out how to change them. Please help. Thank you in advance. Anthony
  2. I completely agree. I have tried to point everything to use the Nvidia but to no success. Is it possible that I may have to remove the onboard card?
  3. Good Morning Chief users, I am running into an issue with my pop up screens. Computer spec attached with graphics card specs. My diagnosis of the monitors is that the laptop is running the intel graphics card and my extended monitor is using the Nvidia Here is an example of the executed steps that cause the issue. Open program from my Chief 12 shortcut on my desk top, if the program has been on my laptop screen it opens and runs fine. If I move the program to my larger screen and work it will work properly sometimes. I then will close the program on that screen and exit the program. I then re-open it from the Chief 12 short cut, it attempts to open on my large screen but will not completely open because of the Chief start up screen that pops up. I then have to close it through the task manager. If I open a plan that is saved on my smaller screen it bypasses the Chief start up and opens. Once I have it opened I can operate a little bit. While in plan view I can double click on a cabinet to edit and it will lock up and not completely open. If I attempt to do a 3D view it will lock up. For the pop ups for editing I have been able to drag them to the smaller screen and it seems to work. I have contacted Chief about this issue and their answer is that it is a program conflict and not their problem. I contacted Nvidia and they say it is also a conflict caused by Chief. MSI was also contacted and agreed with Nvidia. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I shouldn't have to figure out work arounds to draw on a large screen. Any help appreciated.
  4. Hmmm...try this one. Bartos_concept_floor_plan_2_test.plan
  5. Bartos concept floor plan 2 test.plan
  6. Here is the updated plan file.
  7. Eric, i was able to import your wall into my layout but can not get it to frame. It frames everything but that wall. Am I missing anything? Gene, my engineer always reviews our projects as specs what is needed.
  8. Yes Eric, that is the closest one. I will open the one you sent and see what I can do and post any other questions. As usual, this group of Chief Architect users never ceases to amaze me with the want to help others. Awesome group, thanks!
  9. Eric, that is pretty close to what I am trying to create. I can then add in the PSL Post manually. I have been changing different items and found that if the exterior wall is balloon framed then I can place the windows higher and the way I'd like but still cant get it as close as you did on the first one. I must have settings wrong in the wall structure tab.
  10. So, on the second floor wall I have to uncheck retain framing? What are the correct settings in structural section for the main wall and the gable wall.
  11. Alaskan Son, that is the way I see it being build along with my engineer.
  12. Ideally on the exterior wall I want to have a PSL post extending up to support the structural ridge. I am going to duplicate that same PSL post in the kitchen wall. The structural ridge will extend back to the second floor wall and tie into a beam pocket.
  13. When I do framing over view I can see the framing on the inside gable but nothing on the exterior gable. I went through the help videos and cant get this correct. I want my wall to have a double top plate and then have the gable built to accept the windows. Hope that makes sence