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  1. Hopefully this works. I've never used google drive before so let me know if you have problems opening it.
  2. That was a great tip Rene. I am no longer getting the message about the vertex limit. I am still getting two messages about faces missing materials, and the model isn't loading properly to sketchfab. How do I figure out which faces are missing a material? I sent the file to a zipped folder, but it is still 41 mb, and it is 154 mb before zipping. Is there another way to upload it?
  3. Hey guys, So I am trying to export a house model as a 3ds to upload to sketchfab. This file has been passed around to a few different people before it got to my desk, so I have had a few issues with missing materials. I thought I had taken care of it, but when I try to export it I get a few warning messages saying "3DS export error: face missing material description. the surface could not be exported." Since I believe this is what is screwing the model up once it gets to sketchfab, this is a problem. Is there any way of finding out which face is missing a material? I am at a loss for a solution to this short of looking through the model and searching for it, which doesn't seem to be too feasible. I am also getting a message saying "3DS export error: K-3639 Ar exceeds vertex limit of 65535" Neither of these error messages have anything when I click on check knowledge base.
  4. I just found out about this site called Sketchfab that I'm starting to look into for the same purpose. It is similar to Chief's 360 pano, but you can move the model to different positions and include annotations as well. They have free and paid versions. Worth checking out.
  5. Which version are you using? Michael's suggestion should take care of the connection problem, but when I opened your plan I got this: They all have different symbols on my computer. Is it not the same on yours?
  6. Usually when you connect a switch to a second one they both automatically become threeways. Also I believe there is a threeway switch symbol in the library you can place instead of the single pole one.
  7. Select one of the rooms you want to change. Use the match properties tool, and check the box that says ceiling finish, then hit ok. It should select all the rooms with that finish. Then open them up and go to the materials tab and you can change it there.
  8. In order to change the dimension for grade in the story pole, open up your default settings, go to dimensions, then auto story pole dimensions. Once you have the dlbx open, go to the locate elevations tab. There is a spot called grade level marker where you enter the grade height.
  9. I did draw in the ceiling plane, but the light is still at the angle of the roof plane rather than the ceiling.
  10. Ok so I made those changes and it looks a lot better, but now the eyeball light fixture is taking on the slope of the gable roof plane rather than the ceiling plane. Any suggestions there? And thank you for your help Eric.
  11. If you can't find anything suitable in the library, what I would do is build the door you're looking for with polyline solids, export it as a 3ds, then import it as a 3d symbol and add it into your user library.
  12. I'm having some issues with something from a dormer roof plane sticking out through my ceiling plane in the room. I've tried playing around with the roof pitch and location, but I'm not sure what I'm missing here. I circled them in the picture. The ones on the right from the dormer are my main concern, but the little one on the left is bugging me too. Any pointers are much appreciated. There are also two rafters that have a small tail-like piece sticking through the ceiling. I can just change the depth to get rid of it, but I left it in here because I'm not sure why they have that shape in the first place. -Chris
  13. Thank you Eric; that's exactly what I was looking for.
  14. Hey there. So the plan I'm working on has an addition that is going to be on helical piles. When i drew the room in, Chief automatically created a hole in the terrain under the addition. I would usually just use a polyline solid to fill it in as gravel, but I am wondering if there is a way to have Chief not cut the terrain up under the new room.
  15. When i complete a layout I usually save a PDF in my company's cloud storage. That way the foreman or whoever can print their own copy without coming to me. It was brought to my attention that when it is printed from the PDF, the colors in the renderings appear to be over saturated. When I print the same thing from the layout file, the colors look normal. I haven't seen any settings that might affect that. Has anyone else noticed something like this or have a fix?
  16. That'd be what I was looking for. Thank you!
  17. I have been playing around with Revit a little bit lately and I believe they have a tool that allows you to select similar objects at once. For example, if i need to change the heights on some of the windows on a floor, I can select all the similar ones in one shot rather than selecting them manually. Is there a way to do this in chief that I am unaware of?
  18. Hey folks, so here's my dilemma. I'm creating a layout for the 3rd floor of this job and there are two walls sticking off the side of the house in the plan view. These are two automatically generated walls from the shed roof on the 2nd floor porch. I don't want them to be visible on the plans we're submitting to the city for approval, but I'm not sure deleting them is the best idea. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to hide them for the layout? Hope I was clear enough. Thanks, Chris
  19. Hey folks. I am designing a dormer, and the town guidelines for new dormer construction specify that at least 50% of the wall space must be occupied by windows. Now, I have three gables connected by two sheds, so making these calculations won't be straight forward. Does anybody know of any tools or tricks to help me with this? -Chris