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  1. Hi dshall

    I am facing the same problem.  I tried the "reset toolbars" and it did not work for me.  Can you please help advise what other option I can consider or check to gain visibility of my toolbars?

  2. scdesigns

    Herring Bone Pattern

    Can someone offer me help by directing me to either a training video or tutorial notes on how to create custom floor tile/hardwood floor in Herringbone pattern.
  3. scdesigns

    Ray Trace

    I am trying to run ray trace however after the first pass, my image came out all BLACK! How do I fix this? Please help....
  4. URGENTLY Seeking Experienced Chief Architect Members I currently have an executive house that I need help in building for a client. I need the following done: - build exterior walls & finishings - build all 3 floors (basement, main floor & 2nd floor) - build custom stair case & railing system - build interior walls NOTE: - all interior spaces do not require any details or design as we shall design ourselves - deadline to be completed no later than this Wednesday or Thursday (June 29) at the latest. - Chief Architect X8 file to be sent to me via email by deadline date Any Chief Architect members who are very proficient with this program and is interested in doing design work on contract, please send me an email at ASAP so we can discuss details and fees. I look forward to receiving your positive response. Angela