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  1. Ok, that's enough torture (if any). Here are some pics some of you have been waiting for. Pic 1 - Furniture disabled. Pic 2 - Furniture enabled. Seating would swivel, of course. Lighting over pool table disabled for shot. Pic 3 - Doors closed, chairs turned away. Lighting over pool table disabled for shot. Pic 4 - Vector view (per request). Still needs adjusting to fix the overlapping issues when the doors are open. To work in the real world would take allot of work. Suggests for improving welcome.
  2. It would but the real question is how I did it. Took me a few days but finally got it. I'm sure most of the veterans could do it in far less time but for me, its an great achievement on my part. I'll post both the vector and rendered version tomorrow. :-)
  3. Look very close and tell me if you can find the hidden bi-fold door. I'll post where its at in a few days. :-)
  4. It works great but one problem. I can only apply it through material painter and it puts the pattern on top of the concrete walls. Look closely under the windows on the left.
  5. Scaling didn't work to my needs (see attachments). I couldn't get rid of the tile lines. I tried just about everything that I could think of with my current knowledge of the software and could not get it to work the way I want it.
  6. I made something similar that you can use to create the door with.
  7. Sorry, probably should have added this to the original message. This link is what I'm referring to. I'm trying to duplicate it.
  8. I would like to add the paint sample attached (med_sprinkle) and use it on the garage floor but each time I create the material it comes out as tiled. In addition, when it is solid its massive instead of regular size (see garage pic). Any suggestions/tips would be most grateful. Thanks. Using CA12 on Win10Pro
  9. A bit of an issue. I have two staircases. One from the basement to the first floor. Directly above are the other stairs which go from the first to the second floor. When I run "Auto Stairwell" on the basement stairs, the other stairs drop to the basement. I have never had this issue in any other versions. Why? (See attached screen shoot). Running CA12 on Win10Pro. Thanks in advance.
  10. @Chopsaw. No, sir. That did not work. @Dermot. Re-installing the previous version libraries appears to be working. Thanks
  11. Instead of spending hours searching, I prefer to do this. My apologizes. I've designed homes in previous versions of CA. All the way back to 4. Well, computer HD crashed a while back and nearly lost everything. After new HD, installation of CA 12 w/bonus materials, its back to normal. However... When I render anything in any of the 6 houses in version 12 I get this alert window (see pic) telling me it can't find the files on the list. Instead of spending hours replacing each one, I would like to know if there is way to simple delete or restore them back to their default material setting, delete them altogether, anything! I can't seem to do them (delete is dimmed) either for some reason. Thanks in advance. Using CA 12 with all bonus materials.
  12. Why are their some many separate posts for "CA Format" when they should all be combined into one folder or discussion? Just curious. :-)
  13. Something similar to these? Made one entirely by hand, mostly shapes.
  14. Do you mean something like this?