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  1. No1ZZTopfan

    CA Format

    Why are their some many separate posts for "CA Format" when they should all be combined into one folder or discussion? Just curious. :-)
  2. No1ZZTopfan

    Barn Door Symbol

    Something similar to these? Made one entirely by hand, mostly shapes.
  3. No1ZZTopfan

    Spiral Stairs

    Do you mean something like this?
  4. No1ZZTopfan

    4 Panel Barn Door Slider Symbol

    Nice. Looks very similar to a design I created (and uploaded) back in Jan. of this year. It was two parts that you could add to almost any cabinet or standard door. Here is a link to that post:
  5. No1ZZTopfan

    Hidden Pantry/Pantries

    I saw several pictures online, mostly on Houzz's website, about hidden pantry's and other rooms and I decided to try and create a few. This is a rough attempt at creating them. All are blended within the kitchen cabinets. Instead of explaining what I did and used, it would probably be best if you simply took it apart yourself. Then you'll understand. I hope. CA X9 was used. Also, what you see in the attached images will differ from what you will see when creating camera images. Feel free to send me suggestions, questions, etc. Thanks. Hope you like. :-) hidden_pantries.plan
  6. This is a rough attempted at creating arched wall cabinets with a door. As you can see in the pictures, they are two separate components. There is a reason which you will find out once you mess with them. I have attached each component so they can be imported into your library for study, modification, improvement, etc. You will find some things you can and cannot do that you can normally do with a regular cabinet. I tried everything I could think of and couldn't make a CA standard wall cabinet to look like mine. Any suggestions on how to make it full part of CA System would be most grateful. Thanks in advanced. Arched Wall Cabinet Door.calibz Arched Wall Cabinet.calibz
  7. Until the suggestion for one is added to an upgrade or next version of CA I decided to make a crude close facsimile of one. Attached are two hardware fixtures for you to use, modify, improve, etc. I have also attached and example that I made on the front of an entertainment center. Three wall cabinets were used on top of three regular base cabinets. On each wall cabinet, open the specification settings, go to Front/Sides/Back and modify #1 Separation from 3/4" to 4". That gives enough space for above and below for the roller. Position the bar in the center of this spacing. Guide Bar is 2" x 7/16". I did not add mounting brackets so it would allow for stretching and not cause issues. Hope you like. Cabinet Roller Guide Bar.calibz Cabinet Roller.calibz
  8. No1ZZTopfan

    Free Brick Textures Library

    Wow! Tons of designs to pick from. Thanks!
  9. No1ZZTopfan

    Combine, merge and/or importing multiple CA drawings

    I believe you are right. As I added other buildings, the slower the program got. Easy fix. As you described, why do I need to remove all interior objects? I would like to keep the entire buildings intact for good rendering effects.
  10. No1ZZTopfan

    Combine, merge and/or importing multiple CA drawings

    Excellent. I tried your suggestion with two files and they imported with only minor issues. It being a new plan, nearly everything is reset to its default. Room labels, some assigned materials, etc. Somewhat an easy fix but that's okay with me. Rending the entire site is also slow going but again, nothing major. Know I have the ability to do this was my main goal. Thanks.
  11. My apologizes if this was asked before but is there a way to combined, merge and/or import multiple CA files? Meaning, I have 5 (nearly completed) houses and one apartment complex and I would like to put them all in one file. Kinda make a small neighborhood. Thanks in advance.
  12. No1ZZTopfan

    My House

    Photo's of what I would like to do with areas of my current home.
  13. No1ZZTopfan

    House Project 1

    Pictures of my first home with CA.
  14. No1ZZTopfan

    Hidden And/or Blended Doors

    Here is an updated view of the hidden door I made. More detail to the bottom edge.
  15. No1ZZTopfan

    Various Items