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  1. Anyone know why the front wall is building down regardless of what height the floor is specified? Even selecting the window and manually dragging the bottom does not change anything but the sides. Second question, is there a way to add windows to the front of the box window like what is pictured? Thanks
  2. It's sad and frustrating that this is a valid concern... I see it all over the place, here and Facebook to name 2. Some groups are worse than others. You don't know what you don't know and people who share to help other out will eventually stop altogether when they are constantly trolled. Thanks for sharing BTW, I learned something
  3. do you have some sort of a content list to give an idea what all is in there? The ones on the card looks high quality for sure?
  4. Using the polyline method... obviously made separate for color reasons and to be able to overhang the cabinet side at will. Using a custom molding profile for side fill and for countertop Attaching the calibz file with molding profiles... Molding line for both profiles is at the wall and these work for standard depth cabinets. Set fill molding to the finished height of your base cabinet Set countertop molding to top of base cabinet height +.625" Cabinet Fill molding.calibz Slopped Countertop (15 degree).calibz
  5. if using x12 (maybe works as well in earlier but can't confirm) draw a polyline in 2d over the cabinets you want to affect in a straight line. convert to polyline solid and set the base height at the top of your cabinet box and the poly height to where the highest point should be. camera view. select side plane of polyline and adjust top "front" corner handle to base to establish slope.
  6. Maybe someone with more experience than I have will know how to do this, but I would use polyline solids. the only way it would sorta bite you is an outside corner situation... Draw your base cabinet and from a side elevation shape the profile of your countertop and extrude it. Second thought that came to me while typing is to create a custom molding profile then lay out a molding polyline.
  7. If this was the biggest anomaly you got from chief in terrain then that is amazing... its usually a crap shoot as Chief is pretty difficult to get terrains down to a t. I've had some work without a hitch then others look like a porcupine. I don't fully understand all of the adjustments but I've had fairly good luck with low terrain surface smoothing and higher terrain surface triangle counts. I have yet to get retaining walls and such to work as desired
  8. if you exported it as a 2:1 then imported it into chief that way, make sure when you adjust your size under texture that you have retain aspect ratio checked. otherwise count the number of tiles shown in your texture sourse image and do the math to what it should be and adjust it manually. should work
  9. Here is a link to a video that really helped my roof game. this in conjunction with the Join roof planes tool are a great help. Also spend some time learning about setting walls to full gable and how you can tell chief before you auto build a roof specific roof plane pitches.
  10. dimension your material region to not cut your material and give it the depth you need. set it up the same way you would use polyline solids then multiple copy it. no trimming necessary
  11. add some floor jets to get the undercarriage and a blower at the exit.
  12. Better but major gable is still split and that is wrong... use natural breaks to change materials when possible or add a break (ie band board above minor gable garage door). Also note. Band board should be beefier to balance the appearance of the heavy timber and also flow better with the lok and natural breaks of the house. Make it closer to the height of the bird box...
  13. Good suggestions overall, I would comment that the trusses are a nice touch but where you ended the shake siding is still odd. I would design this exterior shake above fascia and move the band board at fascia height on the minor gable. If the shake is overwhelming try a james hardie straight edge for a little less movement or do a shake on the minor gable and a board and batton style on the major gable.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. I never considered using an artificial "sun for my artificial sun. It would take some playing with but i'll keep it in mind. ive got light sets made but didnt consider using a set per saved camera. thats a great idea. I wish there was a way to group lights together or use multiple subsets in a light set so you didnt have so many fixtures to select... Select lights in a room or region, save as a subset. in your camera specific light set you can select the individual subset as a whole or open a drop down menu to select from the individual lights in that subset. Light figtures can belong to more than one subset if you choose and turning one off or on will affect it across all subsets it is apart of per light set.
  15. Water bill got shut off... No, it is actually filled but apparently in PBR the properties of the water don't filter the light the same way I've had it happen in ray trace. Not sure why it is that way but one thing at a time.
  16. Anyone have any luck with exterior PBR? I find it infinitely frustrating that light fixture settings that work for a standard view are like LED high beams when you switch to PBR mode. I get my fixtures dialed in for the exterior shots. Everything is looking great. HDR background looks good. The only detail I want to adjust is the light on the rest of the house because I feel there should be a bit more of a natural wash from how the sun should be in the background. Current settings for the environment is sun toggled "off" Que the sun and adjust the color, angle, and direction to my predetermined settings for this HDR. Intensity still looks like a welding arc without goggles so i adjust it down to .25LUX and it looks better except now my background is dark. Who knew the sun backlit the background, Not me until now. Turn off the sun and the background looks good, turn on the sun and the background is dark. Is there a way to make this not happen? Why does the hdr light up depend on the sun illuminating it? I could maybe understand it if the sky portion of the hdr also caused cloud shadows and some color filtration of the sun on your scene but there does not appear to be any sort of affect by a background. Why does everything in PBR have to me like looking into a supernova with a magnifying glass when other views light data is set to where it looks good? Why does bread land jelly side down? Any help or insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  17. 3d warehouse has this option...
  18. Not sure where the scale issue is... If you output a HD texture of a tile and you know you want the tiles to be 6" in "X" direction and the texture shows that there are 5 tiles in "X" direction do the math and correct whatever it says in Chief during the texture import. If it says it is 47 inches. Make sure "Retain Aspect Ratio" is locked and set "X" dimension to 30"
  19. Latest victim of my texturing attempts. Move over Brickform, I'm coming after you too.
  20. HA! I'm not the only nut with "warehouse plans". I made myself a Boulder Lot plan that shows my boulder and rock models displaying various available texture options...
  21. Cudos to the creativity, but check this tool out: Simple program and good results.