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  1. Ceiling break lines it is! Yes, I need to look at the roof but for now I have turned the layer off. And thanks for the tip, not sure why i always default to a PDF file! Thank you both.
  2. Can anyone help me identify what these lines are in my plan and where they are coming from. I am not able to select them, and I have tried figuring out what layer they are on and have had no luck. Thanks in advance! random lines.pdf
  3. Polyline solids for the win! Thank you all.
  4. Don't know how to make the soffit lean out. I have watched the videos on sloping soffits and placing them under a roof but I don't know how to manipulate that to make it actually a "lean to" porch column.
  5. Anybody have a good tutorial to make angled porch columns as shown in this drawing on the far left? Thanks in advance.
  6. This is exactly what I was going for. Good to know that it is actually possible. Thanks for the tips and I will watch some videos and play around with auto build more.
  7. I definitely need to...I get so frustrated with it pretty quickly. If I have different roof pitches (12 for main gable, 6 for gable end to end, and 4 for roof over porch) will auto roof be able to do them all?
  8. Me again! This roof has been giving me fits.... mainly the roof over the wrap around porch. It was a very simple roof until the homeowners wanted to bump the house out in the middle sections front and back. It may still be a simple fix that my brain is just not comprehending.... anyone want to take a shot at screen recording and sharing how you would join these roof planes? Jefferson Ranch Project.plan
  9. I tried that but I guess I was not putting in the right numbers! Thanks again!
  10. It's me again! My client would like to have an angled kitchen peninsula (as pictured). Trying to figure out the easiest way to make this happen. I have not found a way to manipulate a cabinet to do what I would like it to. Would this be a situation where I would need to create a custom symbol? Anyone have any experiencing with similar cabinet work? Thank you.
  11. These were all extremely helpful!! Thank you so much for taking the time to go through that. I appreciate it!
  12. At a loss here! Could someone take a 3D look and tell me if you have any suggestions for either of these two things.... #1 I am trying to place a round gable roof vent on the left front main gable as seen on the right side... It will not let me center it and it also will only show the outer edge of the vent. It's like the middle area of the vent is behind something. I do have a material region over this area if that is relevant information. #2 My other issue is the second story balcony on the front of the structure. Out of the blue, I must have done something that I did not notice to cause the right side railing of this balcony to become a wall of some sort. You can see an outline of a wall here when you turn off railings, but it will not let me select it no matter what. When I move the balcony railing from it's current location it goes back to normal. Only I don't want to move it because this is where it needs to be. Thank you for any help. Mountain View Apartments Project.plan
  13. Solver, that was a super easy fix. Thank you!
  14. I opened the object, went to newels/balusters tab > balusters > library > fencing & millwork > ironwork > pole
  15. Can someone tell me why my deck railing is doing this? And explain how I can make it stop doing this? I want to have iron rods for balusters so I changed it in the library and it wants to give me all these rows of iron rods. Thank you for the advice!