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  1. Thankyou Chopsaw. Just what I needed! I really appreciate all the help this community gives.
  2. As I get older (71) I am finding the Rich text box text fonts are very small. Is there a way to make the text larger in the text box? (Not on plan of course, that's easy!)
  3. Yes, I have had to go back to X11 because X12 kept shutting down. I sent in a report and the reply was my video card. However I do not agree as the computer (latest Macbook pro 16") is only a couple of months old.
  4. I design for a builder who uses concrete walls (Ritek). The builder wants the plans to show the window size correctly with the cutout 40mm larger all round. I see you can do this with stem walls. Is there a work around for normal walls? Doors are ok, I just make the jamb 40mm wide. This doesn’t seem to work for windows. The wall manufacturer wants to read my cad files, measuring the rough openings. Any suggestions would be great, thanks
  5. I find it best to have two separate plan files, then in 3d view, convert the building to a symbol and insert the symbol in the other drawing for 3d viewing.
  6. I have been running Chief on my MacBook Pro I7 since late 2016. No problems at all. I run an Apple/LG 5K monitor and a HD LG monitor connected to the MB and it works beautifully. Just gets a bit warm when raytracing.
  7. Hi Mal, the windows are easy. I use them all the time (NSW). They are called "Mulled units". Look it up in the manual. They are simply two windows, one above the other, and blocked into one unit. Then save to the library for future use.
  8. Another option would be to COPY rather than MOVE the files. Then, if everything is good, delete the originals.
  9. Yes, I am having exactly the same problem - three lines and a 'ding' sound when I hit cmd-enter in text. I am using a MacBook Pro and the problem started with the last update.
  10. DTCBuild


    mthd97, please let us know if you are able to negotiate a discount for us poor aussies for SSA.
  11. I am running X8 on an Imac I7 27" with a second display connected (Samsung 26"). Moving the cross hairs on the Samsung is smooth but on the Mac is very jerky. I have tried different resolutions with no improvement. The cursor moves smoothly on all other software. Any suggestions appreciated. A second, less annoying problem, is lately my icons are re-arranging themselves. This was a problem in an earlier release, but I thought it had been fixed. Regards Dennis
  12. I do my main work with CA on a 27" IMac. Other than occasionally freezing up, I prefer it to the pc I used to use. I also run CA on a Windows 10 laptop. It has never frozen. What I do find though that catches me out at times is text when switching. Looks fine on the mac, then has to be "fixed" when running on Windows laptop. (Using Arial Narrow on both machines). Not sure why this happens. I have assumed that Apple's Arial must be slightly different to Windows. Hope this helps.
  13. Custom muntins - worked fantastic, thanks!
  14. Thanks for the replies, I will try the suggestions
  15. Any suggestions how to produce the window below? I looked in the catalog downloads but can't see one like it. Window.tiff