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  1. I've encountered the FTH. I remember going through several hoops to resolve, but don't recall all the detail steps. See this article.
  2. Also keep in mind some remote access softwares, such as Remote Desktop Facility (RDF) from Microsoft, have a 'local' display driver which has limitations. RDF, for example, will not allow you to run Chief Architect, or, more precisely, CA will detect the limited display driver being used by RDF and won't allow running it.
  3. I think Robert is on the right track. Once you set Railing/Style to panel, you then go to Newels/Balusters and set Panels/Type to 'cable' or select from library.
  4. Interesting situation. I have also found that changing defaults does not affect already defined entities, but sometimes it does. So, what are the principles behind affecting already defined objects when defaults are changed?
  5. How many hours ... ? Great looking pool
  6. Press the button, interior dimensions appear, press again, they disappear
  7. And why isn't this a toggle, instead of having to turn off "DImensions automatic" in "active layer display options" ? Same goes for all types of dimensioning.
  8. You're absolutely right. Strange that all 2nd floor walls would disappear in 3D after deleting one: how does CA manage to construct the 3D as such, ignoring those 3 odd 2nd floor walls?
  9. Thanks @Kbird1 & @Javatom. I tried Javatom's approach and found that I only had to delete one wall in 3D: the whole floor then disappeared. So all is good.
  10. I need to show a guest house separate from the main house in the same plan for 3D views and other reasons. If I add a second story to one, the other one gets it too. How do I control separate buildings individually in terms of floors?
  11. Never mind... Change the standard balusters to round ¾", paint them black.
  12. Thanks Solver & Kenoeightspot, a step in the right direction. The side effect of this approach is that not all balusters anchor down on the stairs. I guess this reflects a panel's behavior. An option could be to use a bottom rail, but that's not the standard look I'm looking for. So why can't I simply change the baluster with another baluster symbol from the library?
  13. Here's the sample plan, but anyone could simply go to defaults, change the balusters to whatever and see the results in 3D preview. When troubleshooting, I try to bring it back to the bare bones to eliminate as many personalizations as possible. Now, what am I missing? Test.plan
  14. As usual, I feel I'm missing something obvious for you pro's. I need to change the balusters on an existing stair railing and I get the attached result. I tried to search the forum for previously reported issues but got nothing. I tried X10, just in case, with same results. I then started with a blank plan and edited the default baluster and I get the same duplicated parallel railing result. It's the same result regardless of what I select from the library. OK, tell me, what did I miss?
  15. I had some repeated glitches when opening a 3D view and subsequently, every time I start CA, I get "Windows Fault Tolerant (FTH) has been enabled for this application. This may degrade performance". It REALLy degrades performance and once hit, you're stuck with this. Although there are several Web recipes to get rid of this, he only one that worked for me is this: Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\FTH" in your registry Look for value 'Enabled' and set to 0 Look for subkey 'State' and delete the value that represents the CA executable. You can also view Microsoft's article on this here. Interested in seeing if others have come across this 'Microsoft feature'.