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  1. TimSchrock

    Macro broke in X11

    I cannot remember who I purchased this macro from several years ago to incrementally count numbers. It uses two macros "Start Callout Hash" and "Fill Callout Hash". I could place the macro "fill callout hash" in multiple places and the numbers would step up one at a time. In any case, the macro no longer works in X11, and I'd like to get it working again. Anyone remember creating that macro? Can you help? Thanks.
  2. TimSchrock

    Draftsman Help!

    Left you a voicemail. You can see my website www.designbuildsolutionsllc.com and my YouTube playlist all about Chief
  3. I was making a video for some of the new X11 features and in the middle of making a pattern from texture, X11 crashed on me. Anyone else notice crashing issues? You can see the video here and it crashes at 6:40:
  4. I've never seen this happen before until one specific project yesterday and again today. I send an elevation or section to layout, and everything is in dashed lines as shown in the attached screen shots. The only thing I can do to change it is to update the view. And that's the only difference between the two screen shots. I send the section to layout, then click on the layout box and click the child tool "Update View" I've rebooted my computer, restarted Chief, and I'm out of ideas.
  5. TimSchrock

    Restore "Living Area"

    I'm trying to restore the "living area" label on first floor of this plan and I've tried what I thought I remembered of checking and unchecking the "show Living Area label" under the Plan Defaults dbx, but it's not reappearing. The label does show on the foundation level, but not first floor. What am I missing? 1007 Sunset House 4 ft added- 6-23-17.plan.zip
  6. The designer wanted to see a byzantine arch, and I knew I could model that. It's all possible within Chief
  7. TimSchrock

    Just need a little help...for local STEM foundation

  8. TimSchrock

    Just need a little help...for local STEM foundation

    Thanks Eric. I forgot about that!
  9. Hey all, I'm modeling up a room that our local STEM foundation wants to create for kids to learn technology, and there are three items that I'd like to place in the room: a robot arm, a table top CNC cutout machine, and a 3D modeling printer. Does anyone have a library object like that which you could give me? I'm doing this as a donation to the community, so I can't pay anything for it. Thanks.
  10. Whoops, I posted something about this last week, and accidentally deleted it today. I thought I was deleting a comment I made later, but it deleted the whole post! To paraphrase, I'm using the latest X9 build for Mac and it's driving me crazy. Using 's' to skip object snaps and 'c' to move concentric and CMD+enter to create a new line of text all make my computer "ding" at me. Also, using CMD+enter creates 3 new lines of text, so I have to backspace twice to get ready to type on the next line. @Dan_Park Is there any way for me to go back and reverse this update? I don't like it at all.
  11. TimSchrock

    X9 changing ceiling height

    Well, the real-world application didn't have this case in the field. What I'd forgotten was that I still had a second floor in the model over this room where the existing conditions this room is only a 1-story section. This case is solved.
  12. TimSchrock

    X9 changing ceiling height

    Got a strange one here. I go to change the ceiling height in one room, and the ceilings for the whole floor change. For this case, I can build a hole in the ceiling, but I know there are other cases where I cannot do that. What am I missing?
  13. TimSchrock

    Circle stairs, solid railing

    Hey y'all. I'm trying to figure how to model the circular stairs with solid "railing" wall, and my typical selection of "follow stairs" in a railing isn't working. Am I missing something with the railing wall? or is there another trick you can point me to?
  14. TimSchrock

    Custom Muntins not working in circle window

    Odd. So, I just tried it again, and apparently I was drawing the muntin lines too far past the sash. Now it works!
  15. TimSchrock

    Custom Muntins not working in circle window

    Not sure what step you're saying I missed. What you outline is exactly what I said I did, and there is no tool in the toolbar.