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  1. TimSchrock

    Ruby Macro Cabinet width help

    I solved it! Enter this into the label or code (under the "Object Information) box: %automatic_label%%has_stile_between_double_doors == false ? (num_doors.to_f > 1 ? '-BT' : '') : ''%
  2. TimSchrock

    Ruby Macro Cabinet width help

    I'm actually decent at programming languages, but the Ruby tutorials I've found aren't geared toward Chief and talk about local, class, instance, and global variables, of which I can't figure out how that connects to Chief. Can you point to tutorials of Ruby within Chief?
  3. TimSchrock

    Ruby Macro Cabinet width help

    I've tried this in a macro I call %ButtDoors% - has_stile_between_double_doors.to_s = 'true' ? (num_doors = 2 ? '' : '-BT') It only returns that very same text when I place %ButtDoors% in the text box
  4. TimSchrock

    Ruby Macro Cabinet width help

    @solver or @Alaskan_Son, I'm on a mission to get some cabinetry codes working with Ruby. I see a property that is "has_stile_between_double_doors" (TrueClass) and a property that is "num_doors" (Integer). If num_doors = 2 and has_style_between_double_doors is false, I want to add "-BT" to the code.
  5. TimSchrock

    Ruby Macro Cabinet width help

    what does that do?
  6. TimSchrock

    Ruby Macro Cabinet width help

    I updated my signature after OP, but it still shows X11 here. odd..... Anyway, the real reason for replying is that the code worked! Can I beg another question? What does it mean? I had the %width% working - it showed the accurate width. What is the "width.to_s.to_i" and "width.to_f" doing? convert "to string" and "to integer"? Not sure what to guess on "to_f".
  7. TimSchrock

    Ruby Macro Cabinet width help

    Thanks! I’ll try that
  8. TimSchrock

    Ruby Macro Cabinet width help

    Whoops. No. Signature is out of date. Using X12.
  9. TimSchrock

    Ruby Macro Cabinet width help

    So, I can enter a macro "referenced.width" and I receive the correct width of the cabinet, but then I cannot figure how to get it to do the logic of *if referenced.width <= 42 then cablabel = "1B" else cablable = "2B""
  10. TimSchrock

    Ruby Macro Cabinet width help

    Hey all, I have an idea that I want to create a macro to help my cabinet code. For this specific cabinet (from my manufacturer), if the cabinet is 42" or less, the code is "VTC30 *width*-1B" and greater than 42", the code is "VTC30 *width*-2B". First, I'm starting with the macro and trying to get the width of the referenced object, but I keep getting an evaluation error that there is an undefined local variable or method. I've tried "width", "referenced.width", "owner.width" and all the same thing. Can you point me to the right direction?
  11. TimSchrock

    Macro broke in X11

    I cannot remember who I purchased this macro from several years ago to incrementally count numbers. It uses two macros "Start Callout Hash" and "Fill Callout Hash". I could place the macro "fill callout hash" in multiple places and the numbers would step up one at a time. In any case, the macro no longer works in X11, and I'd like to get it working again. Anyone remember creating that macro? Can you help? Thanks.
  12. TimSchrock

    Draftsman Help!

    Left you a voicemail. You can see my website www.designbuildsolutionsllc.com and my YouTube playlist all about Chief
  13. I was making a video for some of the new X11 features and in the middle of making a pattern from texture, X11 crashed on me. Anyone else notice crashing issues? You can see the video here and it crashes at 6:40:
  14. I've never seen this happen before until one specific project yesterday and again today. I send an elevation or section to layout, and everything is in dashed lines as shown in the attached screen shots. The only thing I can do to change it is to update the view. And that's the only difference between the two screen shots. I send the section to layout, then click on the layout box and click the child tool "Update View" I've rebooted my computer, restarted Chief, and I'm out of ideas.
  15. TimSchrock

    Restore "Living Area"

    I'm trying to restore the "living area" label on first floor of this plan and I've tried what I thought I remembered of checking and unchecking the "show Living Area label" under the Plan Defaults dbx, but it's not reappearing. The label does show on the foundation level, but not first floor. What am I missing? 1007 Sunset House 4 ft added- 6-23-17.plan.zip