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  1. usingchief

    CA on a Mac Laptop

    I am contemplating purchasing a new MacBook pro. Currently I have a mid-2014 version, 2.5 GHZ, Core i7,... now running Mojave OS, have 16GB Memory / Graphics card: 750M/2048MB. Sometime CA runs SO SLOW especially when opening up the library. Any advice from Mac people who use CA on their MacBook pro would be appreciated. ;-)
  2. usingchief

    Canvas 3-D scanner

    Creating an as-built drawing is always quite a task so been considering the 3-D scanner by ( $399. ) and then import the scan files into CA. Has anyone had direct experience in such hardware and software and was it worth the investment? Thanks.
  3. usingchief

    Challenges Viewing with 3D CA platform

    Thanks, Greg ~~~ Unlocking the screen so it could be rotated was the correct answer !!
  4. Hope I can describe this issue successfully. So I have wanted to jump on the VR craze and was glad to see CA getting on board. Bought the CA-branded cardboard and and purchased a nifty set of VR goggles. Tried them both with a variety of phones, including iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s, a new Android but they don't physically fit in either viewers. CA tech says the only phone that will work in their CA cardboard viewer is the original Andoid. • Hmmm,... where does it say that? So anyways... Broke down and got a new iPhone 8Plus last week and it fits great in the VR goggles. I have been able to "view" a variety of 3-D sample files using the Google Cardboard app. Neat. But when trying to view the models stored in my CA cloud account, I launch the model,... click on the cardboard icon,... then the screen asks me to place the phone in the viewer. At this point, the app seems to "hang"... and I can't view anything. Turned it vertical, horizontal, rotated it but bummer.... It just does not want to launch into the pair of "stereographic" images. • BTW: I have made sure the VR goggles are paired to the iPhone but still to no avail. I'm thinking I must be missing some technique. Any suggestions are welcomed. Please and thank you !!!
  5. usingchief

    Design custom furniture?

    I'm still a novice with CA but getting better at it thanks to this group. I design a fair amount of custom furniture, primarily conference tables, consoles, benches, sofa and cocktail tables, etc. What I'd like to figure out is if there is a way to model case goods + cabinets, etc without having a room around it. And still to be able to do a 3-D view of it. Or do I just draw a generic room and within the room interior, then design the piece within the space. Anyone else use CA for the custom design of tables and cabinets?
  6. usingchief

    Need Help With Elevations For A Cabana

    Very helpful ! Thank you !! Thanks You !!
  7. Can't figure out how to do elevations on this project. Designed a free-standing cabana with no walls, just posts and a roof and need elevations and vertical dimensions for the layout. But when I attempt to do elevations, the message is "camera must be inside a valid room." Tried placing the camera around the plan and inside the cabana but without any success. Is there a work-around so I can dimension the structure? Maybe I should have drawn the structure with full height walls and then cut holes into the walls so as to be able to create the elevations. ??? Help.
  8. usingchief

    Catalog of library symbols, images, etc. ??

    I'd like to create a catalog that shows line by line or image by image of just what is in the library files. . . but I don't understand how to do that in the under catalog ... sorry if i am being dense. Went to CA under data and clicked on the library data but nothing opened.
  9. Ok... here's a question. Is there a way of creating a digital "catalog" of symbols, furniture, finishes,... you know.. all those things in a CA library but maybe you don't know they exist unless looking for something very specific and know the file name? AND....How good would it be to have a visual "list" of all those images imported from outside sources like 3DWarehouse that you tend to forget about, then... one day go to 3DWarehouse to hunt for something and then realize, you've already imported them. -- Make sense?
  10. usingchief

    Canvas Software

    Reviews seem a bit sketchy. Doesn't appear to do a whole house - just a single room at a time - but suppose you could stitch the rooms together.
  11. usingchief

    Canvas Software

    I saw this on Facebook and it seems to be an amazing tool - of course if it works as the video indicates. So was wondering if anyone has ever purchased the hardware / software ? We do a lot of as-built drawings so this solution could be a time saver. Love to get some feedback. Check it out>
  12. usingchief

    Help With Drafting As Built

    Good day CA Folks... I may need to have someone draft an "as built" plan for a small club house using the only architectural plans in a PDF format. Is that something someone might have an interest in doing for my firm? It is a slight bit complicated and just a wee bit over my CA expertise. Would need them in early January. Thanks.
  13. usingchief

    May Need Drafting Help

    Good day CA Folks... I may have a need to help draft an "as built" plan for a small club house using only the architectural plans we have in a PDF format. Is that something someone might have an interest in doing for my firm? Would be early January when we would need them. Thanks.
  14. usingchief

    Virtual Staging An Interior

    Thanks for the feedback.
  15. usingchief

    Virtual Staging An Interior

    Howdy CA friends,... Been approached by a Realtor who wants something better than the "staged" photos he can get locally from a digital photographer or available online. So was thinking about a virtual walk-thru using CA ... combined with ray-traced images as a presentation. Has anyone used CA to "virtually stage" a home just for the purposes of putting it on the market? Attached is an image of a virtual stage of an interior using staging software he found online but in certain respects, it is a bit lame. Any thoughts?