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  1. The fact that this issue only occurs when viewing the files in Outlook is leading me to believe it may be a problem with Outlook rather than Chief Architect.
  2. I can confirm that he file extensions are associated with the program. Double clicking the files opens them in CA as it should, and they display with the correct file icons in Windows (as seen in the 2nd image attached to my original post). The icons not being present only occurs within Outlook.
  3. I recently upgraded X10 to X13, and now Chief Architect files (both plans and layouts) no longer display their system icons in MS Outlook (either as attachments or when opening a window to select an attachment). The file icons still display normally when viewing them in windows. Has anyone encountered this or have any ideas on how to make the icons display properly? Or could this be an issue with Outlook rather than with Chief Architect? Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  4. Oh wow, sorry. I thought he was talking about disabling it globally with the GPU's control panel. Yep, that fixed it. Thanks a bunch everyone!
  5. I'm not finding a setting for that anywhere in the ati control panel. Closest I can find is "edge-enhancement" in the video quality settings, but changing that has no effect.
  6. Yes. An HD6870 if I recall correctly. I updated the driver, which was a little old (about a year or so) but it still happens.
  7. Any image I select for the 3D backdrop displays with the wrong colors. Green is purple, blue is yellow/brown, orange is green, etc. I have attached a few images using various backdrops. These are the default backdrop images that come with the program. I added a couple cars so you can see that colors display correctly on rendered objects, it's just the backdrop that is colored incorrectly. Has anyone run into this before? EDIT: full size pics, as attaching them looks to have made them much smaller: http://i.imgur.com/CuBIezP.jpg http://i.imgur.com/7xIHAHB.jpg http://i.imgur.com/VhhkoHE.jpg EDIT 2: this happens on both my office computer and my laptop so it's not isolated to a single computer