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  1. We have a full set of AutoCAD plans for a 6,000SF house built in 2016 we need to have redrawn into Chief for As-Builts. Our project scope from there is a 2 level addition and some remodel. Does anyone offer drafting/hourly to get the AS Built plans put into Chief accurately including rooflines and all floorplan details/foundation? Thanks.
  2. I tried all the dimension tools and non of them would snap!! Ugh thank you, I will look into the material regions. It seems to be working now. User error obviously!
  3. Hopefully I did this right? BakerMasterBath.plan
  4. I have a decorative tile panel drawn on a wall (I used the backsplash tool) and I can't get a dimension to snap to it. I turned on the backsplash in the locate object default in the dimensions but it still isn't working. Do I have to turn it on elsewhere? I am very new to this software and really struggling with this!