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  1. Is there a source for specific Simpson hardware objects to add in 3D? Sample hardware.pdf
  2. I'm revisiting this because last time I came up with a solution for a work around but this has come up again and I am finding others who have had this problem too. I tried to follow Rob's suggestions above but I think I need some interim steps to correct defaults or views. My dimensions are large in plan view but too small in layout. I will post the current settings in plan view too.
  3. Does anyone have a list of steps or tutorial video to follow to create a clickable table of contents for a layout file in pdf for electronic submission?
  4. Hello Frank, I saw your post and I will reach out to you a bit later tonight to introduce myself. I'm working on a project in WA right now and have done others in your area. I have 25 years experience and I was a GC for 15 years. Thank you, Joe Paquet jpaquet4@gmail.com
  5. How does the name assignment work? It only seems to register for the origination. In the dialog box you can add a line for a date but then the name only goes to the top line...If your sharing a file can each person sign in separately?
  6. Good question, I have been exploring the full use of this tool recently. Are the times combined or separate, meaning does the Layout and Plan file have separate logs? Shirley, the Layout log does not accumulate when the Plan is open but when you open a Plan from Layout do they both accumulate?
  7. lol, there are a ton of tacky northeaat people that go to florida...lol, budget.....bhaaaaahaha, love me some quartersawn oak but only against pure white everywhere else
  8. I wonder if you could use some low intensity backlit onyx somewhere...or maybe the horizontal seam of the cabinet over the fridge, step the upper piece back and wash it with a soft yellow rope light continued along the cabinet length, down light under the countertop...the intensity of the sun through that corner is drawing attention...if that is quartersawn white oak island can you bring up the grain or fleck in some way....I only tried my first PBR last week...Cheers!
  9. Happy to help Krista, I'm also a former builder which helps at times. J
  10. You guys are correct, how do I change it?
  11. A new question....I have a tile pattern set vertical and it shows up accurate in wall elevation but in camera view it is offset grid when I don't want this and it shows up accurately in wall elevation. What's the deal with that? A glitch to be reported or am is there a setting to change in the camera view that would alter a tile pattern that shows up correctly in wall elevation view...weird. Ty terracotta verticle.pdf