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  1. Thanks it is the same change in X13 ..... I think when you look at this program and work with it long enough you start to look right past the obvious LOL
  2. How do I get a finished interior of a cabinet to show diffrent than the exterior color ? Example I have a white painted cabinet and I would like the interior to be a stained wood finish ? unable to determine how to accomplish that . Thanks
  3. Thanks ,, That was way way easier than I figured
  4. I would like to know is it possible to share a symbol I have created , My company recently made the investment for all designers to use CA ( I have used on my own for 3 years now) . I have custom cabinets ( work for a custom cabinet shop) I have created and made symbols out of these very custom cabinets to re-use on other designs , now that I have them saved is it possible to share these with the other designers . Thanks
  5. Yes , that is exactly it but a little more angled and a single panel , but I could also do 2 panels if it is easier
  6. I added a shaker square door to my library , then right clicked and was able to get it to lean back at the angle of the hood , Can I modify the door symbol it self so it match the hood profile ? The hood profile angle back and also angles at the sides ?
  7. Can I convert a Cadd line to a door symbol ?
  8. How would I go about applying a door panel or some would call it an applied panel to the front of an angle front wood hood ? This is a custom designed hood and need to show an applied panel to the front but it needs to lean on the hood at an angle Thanks
  9. Thanks All .. I was able to figure this out with all your help . STand bye new question coming
  10. Thanks , Just went and changed the signature , Thanks
  11. How do I reverse / flip a molding ? I am building a custom hood for a kitchen and adding molding , What I did was use a sill cap and added a frieze molding below which create the profile I am looking for and would like to mirror that 6" below that but facing up toward the ceiling , What I would like to know is how do you flip that molding so that the desired edge is facing up ward as compared to down ward ,, same thing for the freize molding ? how do i flip it . Hope I am describing what I am trying to do correct
  12. Thanks to all ...... I will get to work on this ! Normally quality Trim Carpenters figure this out but seems these days skilled labor is impossible to find and contractors hire the cheapest cabinet monkey they can find ! Go figure order custom cabinets and hire low skill labor !!
  13. I would like to know if someone can direct me as to how to create a crown molding detail ... I have builders who have requested this due to the trim carpenters making mistakes during installation and it is costing him tons in crown repurchase to correct the mistakes . I design 100% custom so I can adjust top rail sizes , add stop molding and use various size crown molding and would like to be able to show the cad detail for the different installs. Attached is a hand drawn example of what I would like to do in Chief Page 6 of drawings is what I am looking for and if possible the hood page as well Thanks CHOVART FINAL DRAWINGS 09-26.pdf
  14. Hello all , I would like to know if it is possible to create an ADA cabinet , What I am after is a cabinet you would see for a commercial setting ( Hospital) . The typical ADA cabinet calls for a 6" false face ( Drawer front ) and then a panel that leans back to the wall at a forty five degree angle, that would be the Knee space for wheel chair if needed . these are always made as a frame less set up , I can modify any other cabinet as needed but I need to use this cabinet like 30 times for this contract , which I was awarded ( Yes a very large contract ) . Any help would be great so I can add to my Library and just keep re using as needed . Thanks
  15. Hello , I would like to know how do I clip the back of a cabinet , I work / design for a true custom shop and the client has requested a an over depth cabinet but I need to clip the back at an angle ? so I would like to know how to clip the back or separate all the comments of the cabinet? the cabinet is going into an angled Alcove which is why i need to clip it, the front of the cabinet is also angled but that is an easy task , clipping the back is where I am lost