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  1. All ADA ramps need a slope ratio of 1:12. All inside width dimensions should be a min of 36" or greater if possible and you need a 5' level landing every 30'. Any ramp 6' and over in length needs hand railing on both sides. All ramps need 2" high safety curbing on both sides.
  2. Hi, Has anyone done a floor plan with 8" Slump Block exterior walls? Would it be hard to modify the wall type to get the Slump Block look on the exterior? Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Paul
  3. Hi Jason, I too purchased Softplan version 12 and like Perry, stated it was all over the place. I've had CA since X2-X7 and I wouldn't consider looking back! Paul
  4. Hi Wendy, Again, thank you for your video's!! You did a great job!! I'm looking forward to seeing more!! You ROCK!!
  5. Hi Wendy, Great video's!! Thank you so much for sharing with us! You really shed a bright light on how to setup and use Anno sets! I have a much better understanding of how to set them up and use them now! Thanks again, Paul Pearson
  6. Hi Perry, I was running Windows 7 pro and I received my invite at the end of July. I'm running Windows 10 pro now. I really like it!
  7. Here is the new Handicapped logo!
  8. Hi Jon, Where did you find the symbol for the Pontoon boat?
  9. Paul454


    Thanks Perry and Joe! I have a better understanding of this now!