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  1. Hi Scott - I have a client in Pennsylvania who is having trouble with her camera view on a MAC.  She is getting all or partial black on the glass for patio doors, internal views only. Exterior views are OK.  her MAC is 2012 with ATI Radeon video card.  Here system says the card is/was updated via the last system update.  I know squat about MAC's.  Is she SOL or do you know of an option for her?



    Dennis Gavin

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    2. Dennis_Gavin


      OK here is the file.  Not a complete set just helping with 3D on some stuff.  Look at glass on patio doors in the family room, interior.  Thanks!


    3. dshall


      Dennis,   it all looks well to me,  I think it is her computer,  she might want to call tech to see if they can help  .  

      I find it hard to believe that the MAC cannot handle to render of  glass.



    4. Dennis_Gavin


      OK, Thanks for checking!  Have a glass of wine on me!  ;o)