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  1. You are a big help to others. Thank You!

    I was wondering if you could help me with getting all the bugs worked out on a complicated roof design if I sent you the plan file. I would of course donate to your cause. My problem is I don't have enough time to learn it. I have been using Chief for about 20 years now so I'm not new at this. I set up everything to run live and I use annotation sets so I have a lot of time learning and building my template.

    Right now I'm trying to do an as build and they must have added on to this house 3 or 4 times so its cut up. I got the outside to look right but from the inside you can see all the penetrations from the roof lines. Frustrating!

    The addition I'm adding is the area where I put the Mansard roof. Seemed like a good way to do it to keep it simple and keep the cost down. Also I think the city would prefer a lower profile roof.

    I'm sending you the plan file in case you would like to take a look for me. I would much appreciate it.

    Joe Biesiada

    Built-Right Construction

    New Plan 101, Videc.plan

    1. solver
    2. builtright3


      Its easy to draw what you did but its another thing to build it and make it work structurally without the high cost. Structural design codes have gotten way out of hand here in California (most of it unnecessary in my opinion). That's not my problem here. Its cleaning up the inside lines for 3D view I'm concerned about.

    3. solver


      Someone building this would start by cutting back the overhangs on the intruding roof planes. 


      I noticed you have a ridge showing. Is that correct?


      For questions like this, it would help to have an as-built model as a comparison.