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  1. I am asking bout two items on my pole barn drawing. First, how did you place the metal sheathing on the gable ends on the barn? 

    Second, how did you make purlins on the roof for the metal. Al I can do is make roof blocking. 

    Thank you in advance for the help.



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    2. Chopsaw


      Take a look and see what you think.  The last truss is sometimes a little tricky.  What happens is depending on the wall location and definition you will run out of roof plane or ceiling plane below and the truss requires both of those to build. What you need to do is just slide it in until it is happy and then build it the way you need and lock it and then slide it out to where it needs to be.  Turn on the labels and when you see TR-** that means not happy, if you get a TR-## then you are good.

      If the shed roof was 3/12 you could just extend the main roof plain out to cover the shed but it should work ok the way it is in Sunny Texas I would think.

      See if you can move a purlin over from the other file.

      Steve's Pole Barn # 2 chopped.plan

    3. wolfrem68



      This is the latest I have completed on the new plan set. I am figuring out a lot as I work with the program. I still cannot get the porch ceiling to be covered with the same siding as the sides. 

      My next addition is to be the shed roof area on the long 40' side of the building no slab just posts and metal roof.

      Also, can you explain how the material list gets the footage for the 12' x 36" metal siding. 

      Steve's Pole Barn # 2_auto_save.plan

    4. Chopsaw


      Hi Steve,  Fixed a few things for you in this plan file.

      Porch ceiling is done in the room Structure DBX take a look at the changes I made.  White will reflect more natural light for working but you can change to brown if you like.

      See previously posed plan file for shed roof.

      For 12' material change the material definition to Sheet and it will allow you to enter the length.

      Added a Purlin back into the plan so you can see how it behaves better than a rafter.

      Maybe talk this evening if there is time.



      Steve's Pole Barn # 2 chopped(1).plan