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  1. I change the roof type for one of the broken segments. Since I manually draw all of my roofs it's not an issue. I just tell it that one is a hip roof and one has a gable roof and they won't reconnect.
  2. Thank you, but what material/siding did you draw it with in Chief?
  3. What kind of siding did you use here? I love it! And the corner idea is great!
  4. Two years later... and I'm still struggling with this... what a pain in the A!
  5. I am also running windows 7. I have it figured out - I just called tech support. Nigel was a great help. Close the program (restart computer if needed) Right click on x7 and click "run as administrator". The program opened without an issue. Then he had me open a new plan, then close the plan, close the program, and open the program again normally (not as administrator). It is working fine, once again.
  6. I am having the same issue. I have x8 Beta downloaded and was working back and forth between them with no problem for a few days, and now it won't let me open x7, stating that it is already running. It is NOT running. It is no where in the task manager. Even after shutting down and rebooting the computer, it says it is already running. Any solutions?
  7. They Fixed it!! The latest update X7.3.0.25 fixes the PDF printing problem. Thank you, Chief! Thank you, Thank you Thank you, Thank you!!
  8. Is there a fix for this yet from Chief? I am trying to be patient... but it is pretty embarrassing sending out Black and white plans when my people are used to seeing beautiful color renderings on the front page...
  9. Oh Good!, Thank you, Graeme. I am planning on calling CA in the morning. I had a similar issue when they came out with X6, and they got it resolved. Hopefully they will fix it very soon.
  10. I have never had a problem with it before... Here is how it is supposed to print, using the PDF printer with the low res. It is the only one I can get to work at this time. After two hours, I give up. 1211 Fatherland Historical Plans 5.29.15.pdf
  11. Thank you for responding, Richard. If I select "color" then all of my wall layer colors, dimension line colors, etc come through. I want everything in black and white except my imported jpegs. I would absolutely love to be able to use Chief's "Save as PDF" but all of my Jpegs are black and white as well. The weird thing is, in the preview print panel, it is showing it correctly, but it does not "print" correctly. I have tried the same process with 6 different PDF printers. I got one to work correctly (the "PaperPort Image Printer") the only problem with that one is the highest DPI for it is 600. No good. This will be going on a large screen in front of the city historical commission, so the DPI has to be much greater.
  12. I just downloaded X7 yesterday and am now having trouble with printing to a PDF - It works, I am just losing my color in my images, everything is coming out black and white (and yes I have checked the "display in color when possible" dbx box. I am frustrated to tears - I was supposed to have this submitted two hours ago and have been trying to figure this out the whole time.
  13. It's so frustrating that we cannot Explode the library's pergolas, etc. to modify them as needed I need just a portion of a wood trellis as an exterior attachment to go over a garage door. I was trying to be lazy and not have to create one myself... Anybody have a link? Something like the attached pic....
  14. I constantly have disappearing Frieze boards. It is SOOO frustrating! It almost always happens when there is a porch roof below. I have tried almost every trick in the book, but obviously there is a trick I am still missing.
  15. Thank you so much, Joe. I was having the same problem with my non-opaque windows, and knew there had to be a setting somewhere. I appreciate your answer!
  16. I am having the same issues. X6 seems extremely slow. Moving a wall takes 2 seconds, and "Undo" now includes a "reading file" box that pops up for a couple of seconds before it "undoes" it. I have just upgraded my computer at quite a pretty penny and I am still HIGHLY disappointed with the speed of X6. I have tried all the quirky little things that people are suggesting so far - Freeze the countertop layer, remove any oval sinks, change my undo folder location, etc. My 3D is great, zero issues there. I am only having issues in 2d. Very frustrated,