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  1. Hi, Bottom gable facia not lining up with hip facia when the have same overhang. See images. Thank you. X12, windows 10
  2. Hi, I break my wall using break tool but when I move it it reconnects with the wall forming only one wall instead of two. Is this possible or do I need to always rebreak my wall? X12 on Windows 10
  3. Can't believe this still hasn't been fixed. So close but yet. The function of importing "Window Symbols" should not be available if it can't work correctly. Can't imagine anyone using this function if the new windows don't display correctly in plan view. If anyone from Chief Architect is listening please, please fix this. I'm sure this would make a lot of people happy.
  4. Hi Rene, love your videos. I also wish I could quickly import my custom windows. I got them to display correctly in 3D but in 2D (plan view) they are represented outside of the wall. Any solutions? Thanks
  5. Quick Answer. CA cannot extend dimension lines past the tick mark. It has a bunch of arrow styles but not one extends past the Tick/Arrow mark like on most residential plans. Please, please CA make this simple Tick / Arrow.
  6. Hi Mike,

    What happened to all your great videos on youtube?


  7. Ok thanks for the help. Will watch the video and play around with this.
  8. Yes I did this, but wanted to create my own symbol for 2d plan view.
  9. I want to see a simple window in plan view
  10. Hi, I managed to change the look of the window symbol in plan view put it is now inserting the window offset from the wall in 3D. Just took a simple window, converted to symbol and assigned none to 2D block. (also tried with other Cad block with same results) See included images. Have inserted both type of windows, the one not in the wall is the new symbol. Chief Architect x12 Please help. Thanks