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  1. I am Seeking someone to do Kitchen/Bath Renderings Joey Baldassaro Live Oak Homes, LLC joey.baldassaro7@gmail.com20240617_150740.pdf
  2. PMMully, Thanks for your response. The right and left drawings above: The drawing on the left was drawn in Chief CAD as an example for what I would like Chief to automate; the one on the right was my first attempt to have Chief auto build. The Updated drawing, just above here, is Chief auto generated, of which I learned some valuable lessons on how to select the Footing Walls on the Foundation (Page 0) and make default modifications to reflect conditions needed for the different footing conditions at different locations. Also, I now have a better understanding of the Room Specification dialog to make necessary adjustments. I learned that the Stem Wall height is equal to the height of the curb (at a depressed garage or porch) plus the height thickness of the concrete floor slab. The stem wall width is for example 4" for the curb as shown on the right side of the Garage footing/stem wall; and 9 1/2" wide for a 5 1/2" wide brick ledge and a 4" wide curb such as the footing on the front wall of the Garage and the wall common to the garage and the front porch. At this time, I am looking for help to figure out how to fix the remainder of the problems I am having which are marked in the red circles on the updated plan above. 1. I have superfluous lines where the brick ledge foundation walls intersect one another. 2. I have superfluous lines where the Garage foundation curb meets the living area slab at two locations. 3. I want the Brick ledge to be automatically crossed hatched. I've spent hours trying to fix these problems... I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here!
  3. Update: See the attached - Most everything on the Foundation (Pg 0) generated by Chief - Build Foundation and some tweaking thereafter with Chief tools. The only thing done with CAD is in Red to indicate a fix is needed. However, I can't seem to find the right tool; or how to use the tool to make the fix. Foundation Test Plan.plan
  4. Chopsaw, Is there a particular place to go and button to push here to post "problem solved"? How do I do this? Joey
  5. This is not a drawing for an actual house; just a mock up most of the conditions encountered. The drawing on the right is my attempt to "auto build", (I just can't seem to get it right.) A shout out and "THANK YOU" to Vince at Chief Technical support who gave me much help last week. The drawing on the left I drew with CAD to demonstrate typical foundation construction in New Orleans and how the plans generally look. Just looking for opinions. Will it be possible, and practical, to Auto Build Foundations or should I just CAD them? Is anyone doing Mono foundations with good results? Joey My Residential Plan Template.plan
  6. Thank you Gentlemen! With your help I learned how to fix this problem I caused, create a forum signature and create a user profile. With kind regards, Joey PROBLEM SOLVED Thank you Chopsaw and SH for calling this to my attention. I am not very good at figuring out how to work the forum site. Both of these gentleman were so kind to help me of which I am very grateful. I spent a good 2 hours and got no place trying to figure it out on my own. Eric jumped right on it as soon as I posted. Charles responded back the exact problem; that I had wrongfully marked the Purlin button. And then Eric jumped right back and posted instruction pictures on how to fix. I am so very thankful to both. Maybe you, SH and Chopsaw can give your opinion on what I should do here. Much thanks for your replies to help me become a better forum member. Joey
  7. Thank you Gentlemen! With your help I learned how to fix this problem I caused, create a forum signature and create a user profile. With kind regards, Joey PROBLEM SOLVED
  8. Thank you Eric! I'm not quite sure how you did that. I will go back and try your original instructions again. Joey Chief Architect V. 14, Windows 10 Pro, i7-3540M 16GB, AMD FirePro Mobility
  9. Thanks Eric for the reply! I tried the advice you gave, but it did not restore. ("Delete Surface is temporary. 3D>Rebuild 3D will restore deleted surfaces.") This likely didn't work because I played with so many other settings (in the last two hours), I knocked it out some place else. I went into the build roof structures and I can see it still there. The ridge capping is still there.... Joey
  10. Shingles not appearing in camera views. I was playing with the "delete surface" tool. I believe I removed them from view and can't figure out how to get them back. Please advise if you can. Thank you very much! Joey (Chief V. 14) My Residential Plan Template.plan
  11. We are developers/builders of among other things "single family detached housing". We are planning a "for rent subdivision" of 40' W x 60' D houses in groups of 75 houses on 50'W x 100'D Lots. We are looking for someone with a great deal of front elevation design experience to keep the curb appeal most interesting. I have some floor plans I drew in Chief 12. If you believe you excel in front elevation designs and are looking to provide such services, I would like to see some of your work to see if we may be a good fit to work together. (Will also need renderings for sales/marketing.) Thank You, Joey B.
  12. Thanks to all for taking the time to reply with help. I followed the Chief instructions provided by Dermot. It worked perfectly. Joey B
  13. When I click on a file in a folder (Created w/ X12) Chief attempts to open. A dropdown box appears and ask for Serial #. I put in my serial number and a message appears not valid. How to make X12 the default program such that when I click on a file created in X12, X12 will open displaying the file and ready to work? Joey B
  14. JB1 in New Orleans with Chief x7. I would like to see your set of plans/construction doc's. Can you re-post. I got an error message on your drop box above. I may be looking for training to advance my use of Chief. Thanks, from JoeyB.