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  1. I have an interior 2x6 wall that shows the framing studs in the framing layers. Same floor plan is a interior 2x4 walls that is not showing framing studs I don't see any difference in wall type other than the 4" vs 6" I know I can fix it by deleting the 2 x 4 wall making a copy of the 2 x 6 wall and then change the thickness but I wonder what controls the framing layer in this case. Can somebody tell me what I'm missing?
  2. I design houses + additions and use the time log for billing. On my rough design I will email 8 1/2 x 11 plans and finished plans on 24x36. Now using 2 separate layouts for page sizes and controlling the time log with the plan file. The original plan file is always the active file. With changes I’ll make a copy + then change the original Any opinions on use just one layout for letter size + D size or continue with 2 layouts?
  3. oh yea. when I import a 9 inch pdf + the the image scales to 34 ft all I have to do is divided by 45.33. The idea pdf changing the dimension scale was throwing me off. thanks
  4. Sounds silly for an architectural program but I'm doing wood carving + want to draw a pattern
  5. Using the Bay window toolBay.pdf
  6. I must be missing something simple but after building a bay window, I'll raise the floor + the wall below will not fill in. Raising the floor by dragging or the by using the window specification - there is no wall under. Am I missing something in defaults? Thanks
  7. i have a 2017 Imac (intell chip) + plan on getting a new mac studio. Will there be any change in Chief Architect performance?
  8. How can I keep the library window + active display window ("side windows") on my imac's second monitor? Everything was working well on both monitors, now these windows snap back to the iMac. can't see it happening on any other application. Everything is up to date
  9. Have 2 monitors used on a Mac. monitor #1 for working and #2 for tools (Library, active display options windows). Everything was working well but now every time the computer goes to sleep the windows snaps back to monitor #1 + I drag it back to #2. Did I hit a button I shouldn't have in Chief Architect or is it a computer problem? Thanks
  10. Brad. Did you ever get any answer to 3dconnexion CadMouse + chief architect + Mac?