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    iMac with 2 monitors

    How can I keep the library window + active display window ("side windows") on my imac's second monitor? Everything was working well on both monitors, now these windows snap back to the iMac. can't see it happening on any other application. Everything is up to date
  2. tomm11

    dual monitors

    Have 2 monitors used on a Mac. monitor #1 for working and #2 for tools (Library, active display options windows). Everything was working well but now every time the computer goes to sleep the windows snaps back to monitor #1 + I drag it back to #2. Did I hit a button I shouldn't have in Chief Architect or is it a computer problem? Thanks
  3. tomm11

    3Dconnexion Spacemouse on Mac

    Brad. Did you ever get any answer to 3dconnexion CadMouse + chief architect + Mac?